Dream bathroom inspiration

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As bathrooms go mine isn’t so bad spacewise, it’s almost as big as our living room! We know we need to improve it before we sell as we’ve done nothing to it since we moved in, and it probably should have been redecorated 20 years ago! But, nothing like a blank slate to work from and I often dream about what sort of bathroom I’d like.

My ideal bathroom is a light in colour, preferably with a window overlooking a nice private garden to let in lots of sunshine in the day and moonlight in the evenings. Tiny mosaic tiles to surround the sink and as a border for the room would be perfect, an although I love the idea of a picture wall made from tiles I know I’d never be able to decide on exactly what to have!

Underfloor  heating would be a dream, but in any case I really love the look of engineered wood flooring, as it is moisture resistant   and  pretty easy to install. You can get colours and styles to match your  tiles and colour schemes too of course.

A TV hidden in the wall would be great, but so never going to happen in our current home, but how good would it be to not have to  prop my tablet on the laundry basket to watch shows in the bath. In fact a nice looking laundry basket would be lovely too! At the moment all my bits and bobs are lined up on a ladder style  shelving unit but it looks so cluttered and I’d love to have everything hidden away but still easily accessible.

So, tell me about your dream bathroom… and check out my bathroom inspiration pinterest board for some more of my favourite bath-related images!

Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

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