Interiors: Ideas for Kid friendly Sofas

While a sofa is the type of comfort furniture every home finds invaluable, kids find them most lovable for casual sitting. From watching their favorite cartoon programs on TV to doing homework in the living room, you’ll always find kids on the sofa. But just because they are kids and have uncanny habit of spilling things and messing all over, your sofa is never safe from their unruly and naughty habits. They just don’t care about keeping the sofa tidy and clean like you do! Instead of scolding them every time or keeping a vigil on their activities, why not find a kid friendly sofa? Yes, these modern sofas can completely prevent your kids from creating stains and messing it up! Here are a few child friendly sofa ideas

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Sofas with removable covers

Every parent knows how important it is to prevent kids from staining their beautiful interior. Kids as we all know care less about the stains and accumulating dirt and dust from their carefree movements and activities. Often the living room sofa bears the most of their naughtiness and unruly activities. To make your sofa bear less from this you may use removable covers. In fact, while buying you can go for sofas with removable covers so the original sofa remains safe and shining. With the cover being removable you can wash the cover from time to time and always can make it look clean. It is advisable to use at least two sets of sofa covers to use alternatively.

We cannot skip this opportunity from sharing another secret about sofas with removable covers. Just consider the idea of buying a red leather sofa with a smooth green velvet cover. Don’t you actually have two different looks for the sofa at your disposal. Yes, removable covers apart from allowing you to prevent stains and dirt’s settling on the sofa also allow you to tweak with the look and feel of the sofa by using sofa covers of your preference or at times just by uncovering it.

Fabric sofas can be tricky

Many of us love fabric sofas simply because of the wide array of looks they offer with colorful patterns, stripes, forms or tones. They look more fashionable and exquisitely designer crafted at times. But at homes brimming with the naughty movements of kids, fabric sofas can offer some extra challenges for maintenance. The kids with their eternal habit of messing things up and experimenting with their surrounding will not leave your sofa fabric from tearing and staining. So, using fabric sofas can be a little tricky for kids homes. But there are ways to prevent it with cover or just opting for a really tough and washable fabric that just do not give itself too easily to the naughty wishes of your kids.

Why not give them some cheap alternative?

No dry words of advice or warning works to fully prevent your kids from messing with the sofa and other lovable pieces of furniture at home. At the same time, it is impossible to keep an watch on them throughout the week. So, let’s try to find a solution from the other way round. Why not give them some cheap alternatives that they can use at will without curbing their naughty hands and feet all the time? Yes, that is a clever way to take their attention elsewhere and prevent them from coming over to your expensive sofa. You can use your old sofa or can buy a new kids sofa with tough stain resistant materials and make them enjoy the liberty.

A kids sofa for the kid’s room

Giving kids their own furniture is probably the best idea to keep your kids at distance from valuable piece of furniture in living room and other areas. A kid’s sofa is just like that. Made with tough materials with appealing kid’s friendly design and colour, these sofas can be great addition to the kid’s room. An attractive kid’s sofa at their own place will actively prevent them from coming all over on the sofa of the living area.


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