Interiors: Bathroom Accessories Inspiration

I am probably jumping the gun a little here seeing as we’ve not actually started work on our bathroom (though here are some of my ideas) but it’s always more fun to plan the pretty things rather than the functional things, right? As I’ve said before our bathroom is big but dingy with only a small window at one end so not a lot of natural light. So for that reason I want to brighten the room up with some fun bathroom accessories and towels.

Firstly bathroom scales, although not a necessity will be present (as I’m still slogging on with Slimming World and have persuaded Sam to join me!) and I might as well enjoy the process of weighing myself by stepping onto pretty scales!  Although I love all three of these choices I’m rather tempted to get the middle one with the tile print, so that I can match it with the soap dispenser and soap dish (though I’d use that for putting jewellery on rather than a bar of soap). Though in the interest of longevity and not succumbing to a passing fad of bright things the marble might be a better choice, though it’s a little uninspiring and not very bright!  These are all from John Lewis though in case anything takes your fancy!

One way to really brighten up the bathroom is to use colourful and patterned towels, as they are always left draped over everything and in piles on the floor in my house so you can see enough of them! Though I would really prefer that they were folded nicely and stacked on a shelf somewhere, but clearly need to train my kids and husband a bit better first!  All these have lovely patterns and I quite like the idea of getting a combination of the top two designs as I think they sort of complement each other! The three on the left are from House of Fraser and the ones on the right are from John Lewis again! Like I said though, I need to actually plan the shower and bath that we want first, a spacious walk in shower would be good, there are a few styles I like here!


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