Interiors: the perfect playroom

At the moment we don’t have a playroom, but hopefully when we move to a bigger house we will do! Just because we don’t have one doesn’t mean I don’t spend a lot of time dreaming about what the ideal playroom would look like for us, especially as I put all Athena’s toys away of an evening once she’s gone to bed! It would be so nice not to share the living room with heaps of her playthings!

Firstly I’d like a vinyl floor so we can do whatever messy activity we like without worrying about getting the carpet grubby, and I could just mop up spillages with ease when they happen. Baby dinner times would probably take place in there too seeing as they’re often a fairly messy affair! Something a bit different with a fun pattern would be my ideal and these three from the Carpetright vinyl selection all fit the bill!


Storage for everything is vital, and much as the easy option would be the big square shelving sets from Ikea I’ve had a search for some alternatives, I love the random shelving and I think it would work well for books and toys together. The Pencil shelving is just cute, and the coloured boxes could be used for toys and gloves and hats etc too! Clicking each photo will take you to the retailer.


As play rooms are for playing in we’d need an easel for art work and this one has a magnetic whiteboard too, as well as a pre printed alphabet and clock. A table and chairs for eating, sorting, play-dough and everything else!

And finally I’d love to have both a chalkboard wall and a feature wall with some fun and funky wallpaper. The four below are all from a selection I loved during a recent Homebase visit, and the gorgeous playroom wall is from my pinterest baby play board, one day I’ll make it happen!



Tell me about your ideal playroom, and if you’ve already got one them i’m super jealous!

This is a collaborative post.

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