Why I’m getting a haircut and donating it to make a wig

I have had long hair for as long as I can remember, I think my last above the shoulders haircut was when I was 18. There is a post here showing my previous hair styles over the years (green, plaited extensions and ombre to name a few!) if you’re interested!


Above was my hair in August… it’s a bit longer now! It now takes me about 45 minutes to wash and comb my hair through because it is so long and fine, and it tangles more easily than a pair of headphones in a coat pocket. It reaches to my bum and has no discernible style or shape other than a few old layers because the last proper haircut I had was 12 months ago. I need all the spare time I can get, and will need it even more when baby boy comes next year so for that reason I decided to go shorter, as short as I can go and still be able to tie it up in fact.


I’m hoping that a new shorter style will help me fall in love with my hair again, although I’m not sure i’ll feel like me for a while, it’s funny how I feel that my long hair is a big part of me. I’m sure i’ll get used to not having to tie it up to do anything messy or spend hours running a comb through it! I’m actually looking forward to styling it differently too, maybe a few curls and actually experimenting with some products other than the gallons of conditioner needed to keep it in line! Currently i’m so reluctant to try volumising mousses or thickening cremes because if I put too much on the whole washing process takes too long to get rid of it! It also attempts to strangle me when I sleep if I wear it down, and kinks like a weirdo if I wear it up overnight!


I was also excited to find out that there are lovely charities out there that will turn cut off hair into wigs for people who need them, and after a bit of research decided to donate my chopped off hair to Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children (both boys and girls!) who are experiencing hair loss. You can read more about the charity here. It is really easy to donate, you just tie your hair into a plait or ponytail secured at both ends then chop above the band and post it in. The hair then gets sent off to be made into wigs in small sizes, to help children to feel more like themselves when going through cancer treatment or suffering from alopecia, for example. If you’re thinking about a hair cut in the future, if you are having 7″ or more taken off then I urge you to think about donating too!

I’ll have another post up soon with my new do!


7 thoughts on “Why I’m getting a haircut and donating it to make a wig

  1. What a wonderful thing to do! I will definitely consider doing this next time I’m having a considerable amount cut off my length

  2. How brilliant 🙂 I’ve been thinking of doing a charity haircut for a while (partly because I’m fed up of washing and drying my masses of hair) but donating the hair afterwards makes it an even more rewarding thing to do. I think you’re going to look lovely with shorter hair, and some sweet little boy or girl will look gorgeous with the bit you don’t want too xxx

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