Interiors: Living Room Storage + Mirrors

Since we redecorated the living room I’ve been on the hunt for more storage and a few other bits, so we can get rid of the units that don’t go with the new decor. Currently we have a large pile of wicker crates full of toys and other bits in a little alcove under a window, and I really want to find a unit to fit in there nicely as it’s too small to put an arm chair or anything there but is wasted space if we don’t use it, but the current wicker crates look messy! I’m thinking a low side table with storage would work well, as we could always use it as a an extra table in the evenings closer to the sofas for drinks and things!

Lionshome is always one of the first places I start to look for anything interiors related as they pull so many great brands together in one place and I love the look of a few things, round side tables with lift off storage like this one from VidaXL would work well as it gives in an extra place to hid bits and bobs and the legs mirror the style of our sofa legs. But I can also see us cluttering the top of it up and then never being able to open it properly!


I also want to find something to replace a small Ikea bookshelf we have with something a bit more unusual – annoyingly we can’t find anything that perfectly matches the wood colour of our larger book shelf but something like this would be perfect in the space, and is a lot nicer to look at than the current unit, which has been with me for about four house moves so far I think!



I’m also after a large wall mirror to hang opposite the window from the picture rail to reflect some light around the room. Below are a few of my short list and I love them all for different reasons! The pale colour of the wooden frame would work well with the other furniture in the room, the hexagonal shape reflects the geometric pattern on the wallpaper, and the rectangular mirror I just love the pattern in the lattice-work! Such a hard choice!

I’m purposefully not rushing into any decisions on these, or any other ‘big’ decor purchases just yet as I want to make sure I’m getting the ideal thing, after all it took my months of hesitation before ordering the sofas! Where do you find decor ideas for your interiors projects?


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