Where do you work? Sofa or Chair?

Last week two new sofas arrived, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Partly because our old sofa was a big black monstrosity but mostly because I do 95% of my work from my sofa and the other one was just too squishy and not supportive enough! This time the sofas have a more supportive back, solid arms and a super strong base, they’re still comfortable but you don’t sink into the cushions and instantly feel too relaxed to work like the old one!

Photo by James McDonald on Unsplash


In an ideal world I would have an office all to myself, with a large and uncluttered desk, plenty of space for notes, diaries, planners and cups of tea! I’d be in a comfortable, supportive chair, preferably with castors so I could scoot about the office if required! Furniture At Work asked me if I thought the style of office chair I’d go for would match a celebrity, but I can’t really think of a celebrity that prefers to be barefoot and cross legged… I always used to take the arms off my office chair when I worked in the hotel. Maybe Angelina Jolie, she strikes me as a bare-foot sort of person!

Something leather so when I inevitably spill a cup of tea or get pen on it I can clean it easily, and nothing too high at the back as I’m pretty short and wouldn’t want it to be too domineering in the room either, I really like the look of the ‘Bryce’ chair actually!


What sort of chair do you spend your days in?


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