Interiors: Tips for creating a Games Room

You may not have the appetite for clubbing anymore, and thanks to the kids getting up at the crack of dawn, a late night out is definitely off the table in general. However, you can still have plenty of fun by turning a spare room into a games room. This is one way to make your house a favourite den for your family and friends.  Making a games room is only limited by your imagination. Here are some ideas to make an irresistible game room.

Photo by Neel Raj on Unsplash

Pool/snooker table

Pool tables are probably the most popular items for home games rooms. It would be unimaginable to have a games room without one. If you have space, a 12-foot snooker table would give you bragging rights. But a pool table will pretty much fit into a standard room, as they’re available in a range of sizes from 6 foot to 9 foot.

A pool table is a bit heavy, so you must figure out the logistics of getting it into your games room, especially if the games room is on an upper floor. The good news is that most modern pool tables come with detachable legs, making them easy to move around.

Table football

Table football is a great accessory for 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 games, either with the kids or with friends. Modern multi-game tables offer more than football. Unlike a pool table, a table football does not need much space on the sides for cues. It can be squeezed comfortably alongside other machines or tables in the games room.

Arcade gaming machine

What better way to bring back the memories than with an arcade gaming machine? These were hits at malls and pubs in the years past, but they have gradually become popular for home entertainment. You will still find games such as Pacman and Donkey Kong a lot of fun. The good thing is that you can spend hours on an arcade machine, plus it’s a great way of introducing your kids to gaming as you remember it.

Home theatre

It is surprising how many parents can go toe to toe with their kids in a PlayStation football game. Indeed, playing video games is one way to connect with the young ones at times, plus they’re great for keeping them occupied during the Easter or Summer Holidays. Set up one side with a home theatre system and a couple of comfy couches. You can watch your favourite movies, or spend hours besting your grandson in a football game when he comes visiting.

Food and drinks

If your games room is in the spare room upstairs, it would be a drag trudging downstairs for drinks and snacks before heading back up. A small fridge will be useful in keeping a few cold drinks on hand for the kids, and a home bar will help when friends or family come over.

With lots of time in your hands, a game room would be very useful in adding a sparkle to both yours and the kids’ days. There are many fun possibilities when setting up one. Feel free to share what you’d love to include in your own Games room!


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