Interiors: Bedding Inspiration

I am really hoping that spring is about to actually make an appearance, The lighter evenings are definitely helping to make me feel a bit more enthusiastic about things in general, even if they mean the kids don’t want to go to bed as they don’t believe it’s bedtime yet! We’ve started a new little routine of them coming into bed with me for a story before going to sleep in their own beds, and much as I love my brushed cotton penguin duvet cover and fleecy fitted sheet with three (or four!) of us snuggled together it’s often a bit warm! Plus spring is the perfect time for a bit of a revamp, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new lighter and spring themed duvet set, to go hand in hand with the spring cleaning I’m (thinking about) doing!

The top two are from the selection at House of Fraser, the florals might be a bit much for Sam’s tastes though! In the middle row I think the geometric shapes in the yellows and turquoise are really fun, though it’s available in monochrome too. I always think crisp white duvets are really luxurious, and the 3d effect one is lovely, but imaging ironing it! I think it’s a toss up between the Flamingos (a Groupon Bedding bargain) and the turquoise geometric one, what do you think?



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