Interview with Athena at 5 years old!

Yesterday Athena turned five! Five whole years of being a parent, isn’t that insane! We had a big birthday party for her on Saturday, with about 32 kids being entertained by Ariel, who sang and danced and played games with the kids and generally kept them entertained for two hours!

I normally do a written interview with her on her birthday but this year I thought a video would be nicer (and yeah let’s face it, save me some time!)ย  so here you go… one tired little birthday girl answering some questions!

A bit more about Athena, or pickle as we more commonly call her…

  • she’s taller than average (no idea exactly how tall but 110cm or more)
  • she’s got size 11 feet
  • She’d still nap given half the chance, and sleeps like a log (starfished outside the covers normally!)
  • Loves to be read to, likes to write endless sentences of nonsense
  • Wants to be an artist when she grows up
  • Is generally very sweet, lovely and a bit of a peace keeper especially when it comes to Arlo, who she is incredibly patient with!
  • Loves riding her scooter, leaping about, getting dirty
  • Also loves unicorns, fairies and princesses

Here’s an interview with Athena at four years old and also at three!

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