Is Multi Car Insurance Right for You?

Shopping around for car insurance means finding the right balance of cover and affordability. Those that have more than one car in the household can make use of multi car insurance to save money, but it’s important to understand the concept of multi car insurance to ensure that it’s the right for you? 

What Is Multi Car Insurance? 

Multi car insurance allows you to combine cover for all vehicles in one household on one car insurance policy.   Each vehicle is covered by a no claims bonus, and there’s only one policy to worry about when it becomes time to renew the cover on vehicles registered at the address. 

How Does Multi Car Insurance Work? 

Just like other car insurance policies, a multi car policy lasts for one year, with the choice of dividing across the year, albeit with some interest added.   Some assume that members of the household must be related for multi car insurance to be beneficial but can be used in instances where people share the same address. 

This means that it can be used by students sharing a house as well as those that live with their parents.  In short, anyone who lives at an address can be added to a multi car policy. 

How Do Multi Car Insurance Renewal Dates Work? 

Multi car insurance can be confusing for those wanting to add vehicles onto a multi car policy which are currently part of a single policy.   In most instances, a vehicle can be added to multi car policy, with more vehicles being added as their policies come up for renewal. 

There may be times when an insurance company takes details of the other vehicles, which will then be added once the current policy expires. 

As vehicles are added, the cover will be applied until the next renewal date. For example, if car A was added to a policy in April, and then car B is added in September, the cover for car be will run from September to April of the following year, where both vehicles will be renewed on the same policy 

How Many Cars Can Go on a Multi Car Policy? 

In some instances, a multi car policy allows up to six vehicles, but this can vary depending on the insurer you use. As such, those wanting to add additional vehicles to the policy should check with their insurer to ensure that an additional vehicle can be added to the policy. 

Can Two Cars in the Same Name Be Insured? 

Those that have more than one vehicle can use multi car insurance, as long as the vehicles on the policy are registered under the same name. 

Is Multi Car Insurance Cheaper? 

The main appeal of multi car insurance is that it can be cheaper than having to contend with a series of different policies.  But it doesn’t mean that you won’t find a cheap insurance quote if you own just one car,    gives cheap online motor insurance quotes in minutes. You can get different insurance options and choose the one as per your need.

However, there can be times when multi car insurance just isn’t right for a household. Those with questions in relation to multi car insurance should make enquiries with the insurer to ensure that the level of cover offered is able to meet the requirements of the household. 

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