What the Kids Wore: Jackets & Hoodies

personalised hoodie

Arlo is at the height where a lot of his 18-24 month clothes are too small, but his age 2-3 sized things swamp him. It’s so frustrating that brands can’t just match sizing across the board as some things in 2-3 are okay and other brands he’s still got lots of life left in the 18-24 sized! Anyway, I have been enjoying sorting out his new wardrobe, I bought a lot of it from Zara in the post-Christmas sales and also got a few bundles from ebay for childminder days and messy days. Zara leggings and joggers are so much more fun than jeans, plus I think they must be pretty restricting too.

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He also fits his new personalised hoody from PrezzyBox, it’s lined with a soft fleece and isn’t too thick so can be worn as a jumper under a coat when it’s chilly without being too bulky. A zip up the front and two pockets means it’s easy to get on and off and he can fill the pockets with all his ‘essentials’ (normally a toy car and some stones.) But the best bit is that his name is emblazoned on the back! You can choose from a selection of colours but we went for black text on a grey hoody. The hood is nice and spacious, too.

Athena’s new jacket I am pretty envious of, grey with pink detailing and ‘Always Dreaming’ on the back! It’s from TU at Sainsbury’s and I nabbed it in one of their 25% off weekends earlier in the month. I had to get it in 6-7 years though as they didn’t have her size, but at least it will fit for a while yet! She’s in some 5-6 things now anyway, being so tall! I’ve turned to cuffs up on the sleeves for now! Also, look how grown up she looks!


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