So everyone is going on about how January is finally over, so depressing, so glum etc… well I quite liked January! Firstly I had a birthday, secondly I had a week off work (as well as not going back to work till the 6th anyway) and thirdly if I wish January over then it will mean this baby is coming sooner and I need to do more to prepare!


So, In January I…

  • In January I read five books (reviewed here)
  • Enjoyed watching Birds of  Feather (the new series, it’s on ITV now) as well as some heartbreaking programs during the holocaust season too.
  • Rekindled my blogging mojo, it waned over Christmas and new year but I think it’s back! I updated my about me and work with me pages, plus I have jotted down some ideas to improve my blog layout, I just need to find the time to work out how to do what I want to!
  • Athena became even more of a little character than she was before, she’s started doing a crazed woody woodpecker-esque giggle which cracks me up. She’s also really got more into books, which I am pleased about! She’s almost 20 months now, insane!
  • Had a lovely meal out with friends for my Birthday (here’s what I wore)
  • We had a bit of snow a couple of days, nothing to write home about (or even bother instagramming!) but I guess it was quite nice to see some as the south coast doesn’t get it often!
  • I attempted to start a new regime of switching out unhealthy parts of our diet as a family, and plan to continue to do so going forwards
  • Sam went off on a snowboarding holiday and broke his elbow, but took some really pretty pictures of the Alps though!
  • I wrote about why I am choosing a 2nd C-section, and was amazed at the responses I got too
  • Got frustrated because I tried to be better at commenting on blogs and was trying to do 15 to 20 comments a day, but most wordpress blogs send my comments to spam! I have reported it to Akismet so hopefully they will un blacklist me soon and I can get back to commenting more!


So that was my January, I enjoyed it even if everyone else was wishing it would fly by! Here’s to February, my last month before maternity leave!



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