Buggy Chronicles: The tandem buggy decision

Ridiculously one of the first things I started to panic about when we found out I was expecting again was ‘how am I going to cart TWO babies around?’ when really it should have been, ‘can we fit two cot beds in Athena’s room and where are we going to put the blimming jumperoo when it needs to be reintroduced again’!

I decided that I’m pretty much certain that I don’t want a side by side buggy, I think it would make things difficult on narrower pavements and smaller shops and it definitely wouldn’t fit through our front door, which means in the winter I’d have to be loading the kids in and out of it outside, not ideal.

From a couple of sessions (okay, hours and hours) on online browsing I’ve narrowed it down to a few tandem buggy options that I think would work for us.

Phil n Teds Dot

After a bit of a peruse on their website, then a play with a couple of models at John Lewis I discovered that the Dot has a taller seat, good for tall children (which Athena is, so we can assume baby boy will be too!) All Phil n Teds can be single, and used from birth with the cocoon. Lots of parents we’ve spoken to said their baby liked the closeness of the cocoon, but Sam doesn’t like how low the newborn is (and he has big feet and is worried he’ll kick it!) I like how compact the design is, and how light and easy they are to push, along with the fact the Dot is a three wheeler (which is what I love about our Cosatto Giggle)

Babystyle Oyster Max

Both Sam and I initially loved how many options there were with this buggy, both in seating options and colours. I went along to the stand at the Babyshow when I went as I really wanted to play with one, but the rep said that in all honesty Athena would probably be too tall for the main seat by the time baby 2 arrives. I appreciated his honesty, and when we popped her in the seat she was almost at the top as it was at 15 months! I think if you had twins or got pregnant almost as soon as you’d had the first baby then it would work really well, but sadly for us with tall babies it’s not an option!

iCandy Apple 2 pear

Again, can be a single (in apple mode) or a tandem (pear) I admit I am still a bit confused about how it all works. A four wheeler with almost as many seating options as the Oyster Max above, plus lots of options for colour packs etc. You seem to lose almost all the shopping basket when both seats are in use but that’s common with tandems I think! Option to use a carrycot or a newborn nest (which is the cheaper option) and is car seat compatible too. Lots of colour options and the seat is taller than the Oyster Max so would suit our tall toddler. Lots of colour options too which appeals to me!


Jane Twone

A standard tandem that can be a single too, we had a play with one in the baby shop in Norwich a couple of weeks ago and really liked the ease of handling and how light it is. However to use from birth you need to use a Jane branded car seat as the second seat is from 6 months upwards. They do make an amazing ‘lie flat’ car seat, however it is much more expensive than others, and requires a base that is as expensive to enable you to use it in the car without seat belts. If you don’t buy that bit then you fix it with both rear seatbelts, meaning there would be nowhere for Athena’s car seat to go!

So there we go, a little run down of our options so far! I’ll let you know how we get on with our choice, but due to a limited income we’ll be browsing ebay etc for some good second hand deals and hoping to get lucky!

As a side note, I do of course plan to babywear with the new baby as I did with Athena, however after a C section I definitely won’t be able to carry Athena for a couple of months because she’s a heavy lump! Plus until the new baby is able to go in a pushchair seat rather than carry cot I won’t be able to risk taking a single seater out and having Athena walk/be in a sling.

What double/tandem pushchair did you go for? Any recommendations/reviews would be greatly received!

3 thoughts on “Buggy Chronicles: The tandem buggy decision

  1. We are well past the stage of needing a buggy, and have never needed a tandem but I think you’re right not to want a side by side. One of my friends has one and she curses it every day, knocking things off shelves in shops is its speciality!

  2. Have you seen the new uppababy vista double? It would be my pick if I was getting a double. T is going to be 28 months when our wee bun arrives, and he’s a very good walker. I do however plan to wear baby, and take his buggy out with us if I know we might be out for a while

  3. I would also recommend taking a look at the uppababy vista in twin mode. the vista is a fab piece of kit with a roomy seat.

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