What the Kids played with: Hatchimal CollEGGtibles


 What is a Hatchimal CollEGGtible?

They are little eggs that are broken into to reveal a tiny little creature from ‘Hatchopia’ or to be more precise one of the eleven hangouts  in Hatchtopia:
  • Cloud Cove
  • Crystal Canyon
  • Wishing Star Waterfall
  • Polar Paradise
  • Lilac Lake
  • Shimmering Sands
  • Breezy Beach
  • Fabula Forest
  • Giggle Grove
  • Glittering Garden
  • Friendship Farm

The original Hatchimal (which was last years Christmas must have, selling out all over the place!) is a battery operated moving creature, these are simpler as they don’t move but there a lot to collect and they’re far more portable too, not to mention cheaper! To find out more about the original Hatchimal you can read Clare’s review here. Each egg has different coloured speckles so you can align it with the hangout it comes from, and then there are rare ones too.
collEggtibles collEggtibles

Hatching your CollEGGtible

To get your CollEGGtible to hatch just rub on the purple heart on front of the egg gently. After a little while the heart changes to pink, which means it is ready to hatch! You just stick a thumb or finger in and pull the egg apart. Once hatched, you can peel the top part of the shell down so your CollEGGtible can live in it, though the packs that have two eggs in have a little plastic nest to use as a ‘home’ for your creature.




Athena got right into the swing of it once I explained what she had to do, though she discovered you can actually hatch the eggs without the heart changing colour with a little brute force! The shell comes away easily revealing the little character inside! We had some fun matching them on the sheet, and obviously now Athena wants “more mummy, please?”


What do Hatchimals CollEGGTibles cost?

Blind bags containing a single egg are £2.99, packs with two  eggs and a nest cost  £4.99. Then a pack with four eggs plus a bonus character is £9.99.

Where can I buy CollEGGtibles?

At all good toy stores and online at Amazon.



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