Kids Style: Keeping Warm at Christmas

Athena is so excited for Christmas, in general but specifically she’s got a school Christmas show, then a school disco followed by a Christmas party day the week after! We’ll then have a few Christmas get-together’s with family whilst we’re away and then a meal out on New Years Eve at a restaurant too! She’s already planning our outfits, choosing her best party dresses and working out how to fit everything she wants to wear together! The thing is she’s been choosing her most summery frocks to wear, with short sleeves and frilly skirts and I think she needs to layer up a little seeing as the temperatures are in single digits right now!

The Condor UK online shop is a great place to start for gorgeous coloured cardigans and knitwear, and you’re sure to find a colour to go with any festive outfit or dress. Athena loves cardigans with pockets so she can keep all her little treasures in them, like the bracelets and necklaces she loves to accessorise with and then gets annoyed with after about fifteen minutes! But if she will insist on wearing short sleeved, thin dresses then a warmer layer on top is a must!

Another easy way to make sure your little girl is warm and cosy for festive shindigs is with woolly tights! Either in patterned or bright colours but white tights for girls are a really easy way to make sure they’ll go with more than one outfit! Tights are actually great for this time of year as I often layer them under jeans and leggings for extra warmth on long chilly winter walks too!

Finally for shoes I know Athena would wear her sparkly slip on trainers to every party if she could, but I think a warm pair of ankle boots would be great too. She wears Dr Marten boots to school but they’ve plain black and a bit scuffed now, so I’m thinking maybe some velvet boots with nice ribbon laces, or perhaps something with some shimmer and sparkle! I think I might need to get into town for a look round the shops before her disco this Friday actually!

Thankfully Arlo is a lot easier to please when it comes to festive dressing – as long as he has a Christmas jumper, his elf T shirt and a bobble hat he’s pretty happy! He’s also has a countdown the Christmas T shirt with numbers that velcro on and off, which he plans on wearing to his Christmas shows!

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