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Athena has always been quite confident in the water at our local pool (she’s confident in most situations to be fair but is pretty unaware of potential dangers!) But when we visited the Blue Lagoon swimming centre at Bluestone on holiday a couple of weeks ago it was a much bigger pool, with a wave machine, lazy river and various other things to explore! Athena wore a Floatsuit from Konfidence. It is really well designed to help with buoyancy, and as your child gains confidence you can remove floats gradually to help with this. There are eight pockets on the suit that have floats in and are elasticated at the bottom for easy insertion/removal for washing. They are available for ages 1 to 5 in a variety of styles, and have a UPF of 50+ so good for holidays too! I chose Athena a suit with shorts to protect her from the sun in the summer months, but there is a more traditionally cut suit for girls if you preferred!


She was so confident in the pool on holiday, happy to float around the lazy river with us and after a couple of goes she seemed happy for us to let go as she knew she would remain upright!

Arlo was also sporting a Konfidence Babywarma, which fitted perfectly over the neo-nappy that I’d bought for him for his swimming lessons! Not a floating aid but rather an easy way to keep smaller¬† babies warm during swimming sessions in local pools that can be cooler than ideal. This means that you can stay in the pool for longer, ideal when you’ve got a toddler who refuses to get out!

20150512_093451These are available up to 24 months, and the size Arlo has will last him till around 6 months. It’s easily adjusted to fit different sized babies as it has Velcro strips at the shoulders, crotch and sides. I wasn’t sure how thick it would be but it’s just 2mm so wouldn’t hinder an older baby once they gain full control of their limbs and body! It meant that we could stay in the pool for a lot longer than if he was just wearing his nappy, and no turning blue and shivering! He seemed pretty unperturbed by his first swimming pool experience, and since then has had two lessons with Waterbabies (you can read about that here!)



So a huge thank you to Konfidence for sending Athena and Arlo a suit each to test out, they’re definite hits with them and me!
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