KumiCreator Bracelet & Necklace maker review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Kumi Kreator Jewellery maker

Who remembers making friendship bracelets at school? I do! But I don’t remember how to make the patterns and   designs in them, my memory can’t think 30 years back that clearly! But there’s now a really easy way to  make both woven bracelets and necklaces with the  2 in 1  Cool Creator KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker.

Kumi Kreator Jewellery maker

In the box you get everything you need to make   five bracelets and 2 necklaces and you can buy refill sets too so it’s not redundant once it’s used the first time. It’s called ‘Kumi’ as Kumihimo in Japanese means gathered threads, and this  clever machine gathers those threads brilliantly and turns them into jewellery!

Aimed at kids aged 8+ my 6 year old daughter cottoned on pretty easily, though I would suggest you  read through the instructions yourself  and then with your kid just to make sure you don’t get stuck down the line. I will admit after my first read I thought the process sounded a little confusing but in practise it made sense and our first try was successful!

You decide which pattern you want, then pop the thread spools into the machine in the right place.   You then attach  each thread in turn to the central holder and  start spinning the handle!   As you watch the threads are all pulled together to form a pattern and the more you spin the longer the bracelet or necklace gets.

Kumi Kreator Jewellery maker

Once you’ve got the right length   (which you find with the measure included)  you  stop and secure with  stickers and then follow the detailed instructions on how to attach the fasteners.

Athena absolutely loved making her first bracelet, and then gave it straight to her brother! Next she made one for her dad and then she did one for herself!

The KumiKreator packs back into  the box as the central arm pulls out so you can keep everything together for the next time you use it. It would make an amazing addition to  a  sleep over or birthday party too.

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