5 Reasons to go Freelance

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Right now, the world has been locked down for weeks on end and for some, they’ve discovered that they love to work from home. It’s this lockdown period that has shown people how viable working from home really is, and it has inspired many to go ahead and set up on their own. For some people, working from home is the last thing on their mind after so much time spent indoors of course, but if you did enjoy it then read on!

If you find yourself longing to make the remote working thing a permanent solution, then perhaps going freelance would be for you. You’d need some help setting up a virtual office with physicaladdress.com, but it could be an easy solution for you if you enjoy working for yourself. Everyone chooses to become their own boss for their own reasons, but if you are looking to change your circumstances, why not start with freelancing like me? Here are five excellent reasons to go for it!

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  1. You get to have more flexibility when you freelance. It doesn’t matter what the field is, you can work your life around your work and find your own boundaries at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you have a random appointment or you have commitments elsewhere, you can be flexible when you work for yourself. There is no more constraint with the commute and the office 9 – 5, you can make medical appointments without having to check with your boss or miss wages.
  2. Freelancing allows you to work for yourself by yourself, which means no more micromanaging from a boss you hate. You can take your own orders and set your own limits when you freelance, and there is nothing that beats the feeling of being in charge for yourself.
  3. A big draw for freelancers is the lack of commute. You no longer have to spend hours on the road to get to work and you no longer have to wait in the rain for the bus to go anywhere. Your commute goes from the bedroom to the sofa in the lounge, or a desk if you’re very organised, I am not! You get to choose for yourself what you do and when, and you’ll save a ton of money on fuel, too!
  4. When you freelance, you get to choose who you work with and who works with you. If you don’t like a particular client, you can refuse to work with them if you want to – it’s all on you!
  5. The earnings you make really is up to you. You get to choose to take on or let go of work as you see fit, and the more you work, the more you earn. The level of control that you get is something you won’t experience under the payroll of another company, and if you want to make a lot of money and you want to put in the hours, you can do it when you work freelance.

Freelance work could change the way that you do things in your professional life from now on. Choose freelancing and watch how things change for you in the future. You’ll be happy with your newfound freedom!

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