Lascal Maxi Buggy Board on Silver Cross Pioneer

What’s the solution when you’ve got a baby in the buggy and a toddler who demands to walk and then at some unspecified time later just cannot walk one step further and digs her heels in to the pavement refusing to move an inch? A Lascal Maxi buggy board!


We’ve been using the Lascal Maxi buggy board  for the past month or so now and it’s really saved me on more than one occasion, and in more ways than one! Along with the fact that Athena can hop on when she needs/wants to save her legs, but by putting her on it when she might otherwise be in the buggy I’ve been popping Arlo in the buggy and her on the board to ensure she stays awake until we get home so she can have a full nap at the right time (meaning I’m more likely to sneak a nap in too!)

Fitting the Lascal Maxi Buggy Board is fairly easy and took under 10 minutes. There are detailed instructions for all buggy makes/models available too so you can ensure the safest fit for your buggy. First you attach the two connectors using the friction tape to make sure the fit is secure and then the arms and then the board itself. If you wanted to use the same board on more than one buggy then you can buy extra connectors and just leave them attached to the buggy and swap the board around as and when you need to! A non slip platform means it’s safe to stand on even when it’s wet, and you can even buy a seat attachment if there you’re doing longer journeys and little-legs might need a rest! You can see photos of this in the linked blog post.

I was a bit sceptical about pushing the buggy with the board on and hitting it with my feet (and I like in flip flops until at least November!) and hurting them but as the board is quite high from the ground there is actually plenty of room for your feet as you walk and you don’t have to hunch over and keep your feet away from the board as there is plenty of clearance beneath it, even for my giant of a husband!



When not in use you can pull the board up and keep it in place with the strap that you attach to your handlebar. Alternatively if you’re going out without the toddler you can just flick up a catch on either side and remove the board but keep the fixings in place to attach it again next time you need it. We held off using it until Arlo had outgrown the carry cot part of the buggy as with it attached Athena would have had to lean back and hold onto the buggy frame, which wouldn’t have been too comfy for her! Saying that she does like to ride backwards and have a chat with me as we walk sometimes, she was on the look out for Squirrels outside Buckingham Palace in the photo below!

Obviously the added weight of a toddler and the board means you’ll have to get used to pushing with a little more oomph, but actually with my buggy (a Silver Cross Pioneer) it actually helps get over higher kerbs as the weight gives it more momentum, which is something I used to struggle with pre-board (you can read my review of the Silver Cross Pioneer here) but it is worth noting that with this buggy you can’t access the foot brake very easily, so Sam attached the board slightly to one side to make it easier for me!

Definitely a great addition for people with toddlers or even pre schoolers who walk lots on longer journeys, and perfect anyone who has had to coax a toddler along on a walk when they’ve decided their legs can’t take it anymore!


We were sent our Buggy Board to put through its paces by Cheeky Rascals for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.


16 thoughts on “Lascal Maxi Buggy Board on Silver Cross Pioneer

  1. Great review, we had the same buggy board 3 years ago when Leah was born and Lewis was thrilled with his mode of transport. Buggy boards are such lifesavers!

  2. I’m expecting baby number two in January, when Little F will be 2.5, so I am on the look out for a good buggy board. Thanks for posting this full review!

  3. We adore our Lascal Maxi buggy board – it has definitely been one of our best buys, and has saved the need for a double buggy for which I will be forever grateful! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I got a Lascal Maxi buggy board but we couldn’t use it at all because my eldest daughter ended up being too heavy for it. We only used it a couple of times which was sad because I thought it was really good but my daughter was in the limit of the weight recommend and we thought it would be fine but it didn’t work, ;-( I’m glad to hear that it worked for you and that you are happy with this product. Thanks for this review, 🙂 x

  5. I think this is going to be something we’ll be needing soon, Toby’s quite happy in the buggy for now but I bet it won’t be long before he wants to walk most of the time. It’s good to here they don’t get under your feet because that was something I was really worries about, especially with my tall husband too. Definitely sounds like a good investment anyway.

  6. What an absolute lifesaver! I’ve often wished I had a buggy board but it wasn’t something that would have fitted my old pram so I just coped!
    Thanks so much for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  7. Hi, thanks for the review. The Lascal website says you can’t fold the buggy board away with a Pioneer because the basket is in the way. This has put me off purchasing. Did you have any trouble with this?

    1. Hi Katie – no I had no problems, clipped it to the handlebar and it stayed upright. It wasn’t vertical but it didn’t get in the way while walking and I could still put things in the basket easily enough!

  8. Hi Lauren, this review is fab and JUST what I needed to come across.
    After doing lots of research and reading that the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi was compatible with the Silver Cross Pioneer I was convinced this was the one I was going to purchase. However, there are a few reviews online which state that you cannot fold up the buggy board with it when you collapse the pushchair (Silver Cross Pioneer) and one review went so far as to say they had to totally remove the adaptors that the buggy board clips into as the pushchair wouldn’t collapse with them on. As someone who will be going out and about in the car I will need to collapse this frequently, therefore removing everything every time I do this would not be practical. What are your thoughts on this please? Could you collapse the pioneer with the board in situ, or at least removing the board and keeping the adaptors on?
    Also, I read it was very tricky to fit as the basket at the bottom of the pioneer gets in the way- what did you find please?
    Apologies this was long winded but your advice on this would be soooo appreciated!
    Many thanks

    1. Hello!
      So our buggy days are behind us now but We definitely didn’t need to take the adaptors off to fold, but from memory to fold completely the board had to be taken off, but if I was just laying it flat in the car boot it all went in together! My husband fitted the board to the pushchair and said he didn’t remember it being too tricky at all. Bear in mind our pushchair was used 6 years ago, the model shape/design of either the board or the buggy may have changed slightly! Good Luck!

  9. Hello, can you use the buggy board with the sliver cross bassinet (lying down from birth) attachment?

  10. I know this review was a while ago but looks like the Silver Cross Pioneer hasn’t changed very much at all. We’re having the same problem as Kathryn Whittle mentioned, not able to fold the buggy properly unless removing all the connector pieces. Otherwise the buggy doesn’t click in to fold. Was really hoping to use a buggy board as my 2.5 year old is a bit too big for a double buggy for local trips, but still needs something… But not sure if it can work bc we still need to be able to fold it up for the car relatively often. Is there any way I could be put in touch with Kathryn Whittle to ask if she did have this problem with the Pioneer and managed to find a solution, how it ended up working for her?

    1. I noticed that no one has been able to answer the question about whether you can fold the the buggy frame with the adapters on. Well after trying a couple of different boards we tried the lascal buggy board and found it is by far the better one and yes we were able to collapse our buggy fully with the adaptors still attached! I hope this helps someone else in the future 🙂

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