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Sweden is a country that I would love to visit, and I’ve written before about a Nordic road trip route that I would love to take, but this post is about the things that think are ‘must do’  s when visiting Sweden!

Stay in an Ice Hotel

This is number one for me, I think the experience would be such an amazing  thing to have ticked off the  travel bucket list. Sounds chilly, and almost everything is made from ice (even the glasses in the bar!) but with careful thermal layers and  bedding you’ll be cosy all night!  Add in dog-sled  experiences, ice sculpting and more and you’ve got an  experience like no other.

Try Viking Life

On Gotland Island there is an ancient walled town, amazing beached and home to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Visby.  You can experience medieval markets, fire shoes, parades and lots of exhibits and ways to experience what Viking life was really like – including their food!

City Experience

A city break in Stockholm would be a great way to start or finish a holiday to Sweden. The old town  or Gamla Stan is full of bright, tall terraced houses and  full of life too. There are tea houses, restaurants and bars where you can experience traditional  food such as Swedish Meatballs, and try  different flavours of Snus – both staples in Swedish lifestyles!

Vasa Museum

This museum in Stockholm is home to all sorts of wonders, and  is spread of 12 different exhibits. The giant  Swedish battleship that was the  pride of their fleet sank on the maiden voyage in  1628, and there it lay under water for three centuries until it was careful pulled out of the water in the 60’s. It looks incredible and it would be amazing to learn more about it!



Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash

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