Latest Hot Wedding Photography Trends
Article provided by Dakota Murphey, a freelance writer and wedding style enthusiast partnering with luxury photography specialist Boggio Studios.

The trend for capturing the big day is moving away from the traditional photo shoot, with many couples looking for more creative ways to record their perfect wedding. Gone are the tired compositions of family all standing to attention with fake smiles. Casual shots are all the rage. Hugging, chatting, laughing – even a giant group hug rates better than the old-style family mug shots. Visual content is trending on Social Media. People want to see intriguing photos and it’s fuelling our desire for creative wedding shots. Authenticity is high on the agenda too. People want to see genuine photos and feel a connection. It’s all about keeping it real.

Many couples don’t just want pictures of their special day. A whole plethora of pics show up in the wedding album from choosing the dress to a professional, post-honeymoon studio shoot. Thinking about how to capture your special day isn’t as simple as it used to be. It was once just a case of book the photographer and tick off the list. Now that there’s such a huge range of photography styles to choose from and price ranges, it’s not unheard of to hire more than one photographer.

Here are some of the latest, hot wedding photography trends to help you get the wedding album you’ve dreamed of.

It’s the new hot topic – snaps of the proposal
It’s supposed to be a private and romantic moment, but more and more people are asking friends, or even hiring professionals, to secretly take snaps or video film of the proposal, these won’t be against vinyl backdrops but more natural, taken at the scene of the proposal.

Pamper hen parties
Not exactly hot news, but still a popular hen party activity is the photoshoot. Booking a makeover and a photoshoot experience for a Hen Party isn’t a bad idea if you want to feel pampered while having a giggle with your besties. It’s a great way of capturing some special girly photos before the big day and a great opportunity to practise your best photo face.

Instant gratification – social media wedding albums
Facebook gives us instant access to the perfect shot, allowing us to share special moments with friends and family who sadly can’t make the auspicious occasion. If you are keen to show the world instantly what a great day you are having, then selfie sticks on the guests’ tables are a must-have gimmick at your wedding. Creating a wedding hashtag for guests to upload to Instagram or Twitter is popular and is another nod to the popularity of the social media platforms.
Getting serious – portraits
Studio portraits of the Bride, the Bride and Groom, and the Bride with her father are all becoming fashionable either before or after the big day. While it used to be a long standing tradition for the groom not to see the dress before the wedding, some are kicking that taboo into touch. It might seem unheard of, but there are some who want to make sure they’ve absolutely nailed their best shots before the wedding day. Seriously?
This little light of mine
In a studio there are all sorts of clever tricks to be played with lighting. Silhouettes and over exposure are losing their impact. More subtle and gentle layers of colours and light are representing a shift from shocking the viewer to caressing them. It’s a link to authenticity and wanting to feel connected. Though there’s still a place for neon which is bang on trend, and gritty action shots using a harsh flash are going nowhere.
Keeping it classic – black and white
Black and white photography never really went off the radar. Classic and refined with sharp images, the black and white photo gives both a vintage and timeless feel.
All smoke and no mirrors
It seems smoke is one gimmick that’s creeping into the wedding photographers armoury. Plumes of colourful smoke or ethereal mists are creating a stir and making sparklers redundant.
Aerial shots are all the rage
Following in the food industry’s footsteps, shots from above are booming business and make interesting wedding pictures. Often managed on a stairwell at the wedding venue, or from studio equipment, photographing from directly above or from a higher angle really does give a unique image. There’s even talk of drones being used by photographers to capture unique and fun overhead shots.
The natural frame
The outdoor wedding is a hot topic. Wild and wonderful are high on the list for creating a magical wedding. Who would have guessed that natural backdrops would take preference over glamorous, lushly decorated stately homes. With UK licensing laws for outdoor weddings relaxed since 2014, more landowners are cashing in on having licenses for weddings in far out places. This trend towards nature aligns with the preference for more natural photos. Simple really is beautiful.
Whatever your preference for capturing the big day, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and it’s OK to buck the trend if traditional is what you want.

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