Making the most of long weekends as a Family

Bank holidays, inset days, and even pre-booked time from school can all be a great excuse to get out and have a new experience with the kids. Often falling at the start or the end of the week, these surprise days off can create long weekends, so you really should make the most of them! Here are some things you can do on the next long-weekend to give your children something to remember:



Make Or Build Something

The trouble with a lot of craft and DIY projects is that they take a long time to complete. Most  kids don’t have the best attention spans, making it almost impossible to keep them focused on the same thing for more than a few hours! When you have a long weekend to play with, though, you have the chance to spend a lot more time with your child, so you can actually finish a project!. You can find loads of great ideas around the web (hello Pinterest!) and a lot of the websites listing them will group them by attributes like age and price. Build a Lego set together or see how many pictures on the same theme you can make in a weekend, then bind them together to make a book!


Go On An Adventure

When they’re little children will find the normal things in life much more mystical than mum or dad, and this can make something as simple as flying into a real joy for them. Of course, on the other end of the flight, adventure awaits, taking their excitement to even higher levels! By reading the definitive guide to Google flights on Jack’s Flight Club, you can learn the best methods to use when you’re trying to book a holiday on a budget. It’s probably best not to go too far, though, as the long weekend trip won’t be lengthy enough to justify spending whole days in the air.


Do Some Learning

Most children will shy away from the idea of doing something educational when they are out of school. Having done their homework and earned their time off, it would be unfair to force them to do more of it. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the chance to learn. Museums, zoos, and all sorts of other attractions can be used as powerful learning tools, and options like Longleat offer tickets which will last the whole weekend. With enough to do to take up all whole days, these sorts of days out are perfect for kids of all ages.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start planning your next long weekend, we’re off to a Festival for ours!

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