Me and Mine in July 18

July has been a lovely month for us, but so busy too. The end of the school term, my pre-holiday panics about anything and everything (packing for this holiday, the fact that we’re away on the next one the day after we get back, how am I going to get work done with kids at home…) and Sam starting up his new driving school business – two self employed people – eek!
We’re up in Norfolk at the moment, so our photos were taken last night in Digby’s garden (Digby is what the kids call Sam’s mum – no idea why!) and it’s actually the first time we’ve seen Sam for a few days as he’s been sailing and messing about with boats on the Broads. We’ve been keeping busy though, lots of watering the garden, paddling pool fun and a few days out too!
I am loving: Being somewhere with a garden (We don’t have one) enjoying seeing friends and family we don’t see often, losing the kids in mazes (only for a few minutes) and having a bit of time off work.
Sam is loving: having a new car, very much enjoying being out sailing (both in the sea at home and the broads here in Norfolk) and also loving the fact that he got me out on the sailing boat with a good excuse to shout instructions at me!
Athena is loving: not being at school, though she does keep asking if she’s going back next week! She’s also loving late nights on holiday, spraying the hose in the garden and practising her writing.
Arlo is loving: being as clingy as possible, not sleeping very much, lining his cars up, hurtling around the garden and peeing standing up. He potty trained this month which was a relief but he picked it up in a weekend and has been fine all month until a little accident on the patio… whoops!
We’re really looking forward to the rest of our summer holidays, two festivals and a trip to Chessington are on the cards plus some nice days out now we’re a two-car family at last (even if Sam’s driving instructor car is small and has pedals in the passenger footwell!)

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  1. Ah they all get there with the potty training. My 3 year old trained at the beginning of the year and she can still have accidents every now and again. Mostly when she is too deep in playing and forgets. Lovely photos. #meandmine

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