Me and Mine May 2019

Our family photo for May was taken last weekend, at a castle! It’s a lovely memory of a very-fun-filled day where we packed SO much into one day and made some amazing memories.

me and mine may 19

Sam started his new job this week, after a month of temping at various places as although he got the job at the start of April his start date wasn’t until the end of May… which was more than a bit annoying but it did mean that he did most of the school runs this month!

I also started working with two new clients so have been pretty busy too, so not doing school runs that much was helpful! We have found a child minder for September when both kids are at school to do some afternoon pick ups which will really help – just seven more weeks to struggle through! I shared what I read/watched/listened to etc yesterday.

me and mine may 19

Athena and Arlo are much the same, loving most things about life really! They did so well on holiday considering we packed so much in, and I think they’ve had a lie or more or less every day since we got home! Arlo found out his school class for next year so the next half term will be all about helping him transition to ‘big school’!

And just for fun, here is is four years ago in May 2015… with tiny baby Arlo in the carrier and Athena who would have been about to turn 2! Sam looks incredibly young!

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