Interiors: 4 ways to easily update your bathroom

Renovating your bathroom without pulling everything out and starting again requires patience and perseverance. But it will potentially save you tens of thousands of pounds compared to ordering a whole new bathroom.

It can be pursued over a series of weekends without needing to take major time off work if you’re planning to DIY it. Otherwise, pick and choose what you’ll complete personally and farm out the rest to experienced hands who provide sensible quotes.

Here are four changes to your bathroom that will markedly improve one that is showing signs of age.

Roller Blinds for Convenient Privacy

Some roller blinds for bathroom privacy are an excellent way to add convenience and something new. They roll up and down effortlessly without requiring any painstaking adjustment to alter how much light they let in.

The bathroom blinds from DotcomBlinds come in many styles and colour choices. This makes it easy to pick a hue and an appropriate style that perfectly matches your existing colour scheme. Moisture resistant and easy to clean are features that sit comfortably alongside the style which is also selectable to choose a blind model that resembles wood or even comes in a shocking lipstick red colour if you think you can handle it.

Painting the Walls

While you may have some tiles in some areas of the bathroom walls, the rest of the walls may have started to look a bit shabby. Paint picks up dirt in the air along with hand smdges and fingerprints too. Over the years, painted walls start to look scruffy.

If you’ll be tackling the painting yourself, pick a colour that may give you a transformation but also still fits into the rest of the existing scheme. Get some painter’s tape to go over areas that you don’t want paint splashes to hit. Also, cover the floor with canvas or another suitable covering to protect your bathroom carpet or tile. Use a paint with a satin finish to get a durable finish that won’t be susceptible to moisture later.

Replace the Cabinet Handles

While you might not be ready to replace the bathroom cabinetry just yet, the handles on them might be showing signs of wear. Instead of keeping them, search for some attractive replacements that fit into the existing cabinet appearance but still enhances them.

It’s the subtle little touches like that which get noticed more than the major ones.

Get Busy with the Grout and Caulking

The caulk that’s present along the edge of the tub and the bathroom sink picks up dirt over time. It loses its off-white hue and needs some TLC to get it back to looking spick and span. The same is true with the grout between bathroom tiles that goes from a pleasing white to a less optimistic grey.

Purchase some caulking to re-caulk the areas that need it once you’ve cleared away the old seal. Use a recommended grout cleaner to bring the whiteness back to the grout in-between each tile too.

Bathroom changes aren’t difficult to complete in a timely manner. They make for excellent small projects to tackle with a bit of free time.


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