MicroScooter Cruiser review

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As a Microscooter ambassador Athena was lucky enough to be sent a Cruiser Scooter and has been putting it to the test, ready to review it! Athena started scooting at two with a micro-scooter, then moved to a maxi-micro when she started school two years ago. She and her brother scoot to and and from school every day, and to swimming/gym lessons, to the beach and when we head to town the scooters come too! As a parent I find I can walk much further when they’re on scooters vs walking and they don’t complain either! You can read our post on the difference between a micro and a maxi scooter, and see Arlo scooting at 18 months here.

Micro scooter cruiser review

What is the MicroScooter Cruiser?

A folding scooter designed for kids between 5 and 10. A metal frame and footplate and larger wheels than the micro and maxi scooters.

Who will it appeal to?

Kids who want to graduate from a 3 wheel scooter (ie one that stays upright) to two wheels- it’s a bit more ‘grown up’. It also has a really cool retro feel with the curved handlebars – similar to the chopper bikes of the 70’s! We’ve had a lot of comments on it from other kids and parents too!

How is it different to other Microscooters?

This scooter has two larger wheels of 200mm, meaning the rider needs to learn to balance as they cruise, but the ride itself is smoother and faster.  It’s also bigger than the maxi-micro that Athena was using  before. You can adjust the handlebars to fit a kid up to 146cm high, and the weight limit is an impressive 15stone 7lbs – which means I can use it too – and have done a few times!

micro cruiser

It folds down for easy storage, but still has a foot operated brake like the mini and maxi. The Cruiser has a kickstand, as it obviously doesn’t stay upright on it’s own like the three wheelers. The frame is aluminium, and the Cruiser weighs 10lbs.

Obviously going from a scooter with a plastic footplate to a metal one means it’s slightly heavier, and the back end swings around unlike the 3 wheeled models, which means you get the odd clip to the ankles before you remember – as when you lift up the front of the scooter the back end pivots; when you lift it up over the door step for example! Just something to be aware of, and the only ‘con’ (such as it is!) on a Scooter filled with pros… plus ANY two wheeled scooter would do this.

Can you get accessories?

Yes – ribbons for the handlebars, helmets in all sorts of colours and patterns, bells, lights and lots more! See the full range here.  Athena loves her purple and lilac handlebar ribbons and her Floral Dot helmet. It has lots of vent hols so no sweaty heads – even in this hot weather! Padding and easy to adjust straps means it’s quick to adjust and take on and off – plus it’s super colourful too so easy to spot your kid in a crowd!

What colours does it come in?

Purple, Red, Blue, Black, Aqua and Red currently.

What Athena says

“I love this scooter, it’s more grown up than my other one and it goes faster too! It took me a couple of days to get my balance right as it was a bit wobbly at first but now I am really speedy. I love the big wheels as it isn’t as bumpy and the ribbons are amazing when I go fast as they fly out!”

We’re both impressed with the Cruiser from MicroScooters – I love the retro styling and Athena loves the speed and the fact that it is purple! It will continue to grow with her over the years as we adjust the handlebar height. See the full range on the MicroScooters Cruiser page or on Amazon below.


Athena was sent her scooter and accessories as part of our MicroScooter ambassador role to test, review and keep. You can see our last review of the super handy MicroWagon here.

8 thoughts on “MicroScooter Cruiser review

  1. I’ve always heard good things about Microscooters. This looks great, I’ve been thinking of getting some Microscooters for my kids for Christmas. Need to look more into them first. Great review.

  2. This looks great and the style is just like a scooter I had back in the day! Micro Scooters are awesome and my two boys use theirs all the time.

  3. That looks fab. My girls all have micro scooters and the eldest is probably ready to go from 3 wheels to 2 so this will be a fab next step for her x

  4. Hi, is the scooter ok on bitchumen roads or is that too bumpy? Do the rubber tires minimise the bumps of those type of road?

    1. Hi! Pretty smooth yes, I can use this scooter myself (At probably over the weight limit as i’m an adult) and its a smooth ride on most flat surfaces

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