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Sam and I finally managed to find time in daylight without the kids around to film the Mr & Mrs tag, which is a little quiz for couples! It was a fun one to film and Bed Guru were the ones who got the ball rolling as they asked me to talk about our sleeping habits, to find out if a ‘Couples Mattress’ would be something we’d benefit from.

It was a fun video to film, and we managed not to get into too many arguments, certainly not enough to stop filming so we managed it all in one take! As you can see from our video Sam is quite a bit bigger than I am (over a foot and he weighs almost twice as much too) so a mattress that is designed so that we have a side each suited to our size and weight would be amazing! It would mean one side doesn’t wear out faster than the other and we’d both get a really comfortable nights sleep, every night! Providing we stayed on our own side of the bed that is…

There is a really easy Couples quiz you can take on the Bed Guru website to work out what sort of mattress would be best for you. The outcome depends on a few different factors including which side you both sleep on, what your height and weight are, and your sleeping position etc. It then gives you the ideal mattress for your combination and explains how it is made and what it would be made from. It’s so clever! Now if only it could stop Sam from pinching the duvet cover too we’d have the perfect bed!

Mattresses are one of the things you really should spend time, effort and money on, after all, you spend about a third of your life asleep – hopefully comfy in bed! A good night’s sleep should leave you refreshed and ready to face whatever the day has to throw at you – and as a mum to two little rotters who often get up pre 6am sleeping soundly is pretty important to me!

How do you and your partner sleep? Do you always have the same side? Is one a duvet hog?

5 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Tag Video #CouplesQuiz

  1. Oooo. This is interesting. Sharon and I are different heights and weights and often collide in our sleep so this is definitely something I’d be interested in looking into.

    Also, you guys are hilarious. I loved watching this video.

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