My plans for family fitness

I mentioned a few weeks back that my husband Sam is on somewhat of a health kick. He’s calorie counting, eating less meat and more veg and exercising fairly regularly. It makes me feel bad that I’m fairly frequently found sat on the sofa munching my way through a packet of dark chocolate digestives slurping on a hot chocolate (with marshmallows).

Now I’m 7 weeks post-partum I can start to exercise again so I’ve started to think about low impact exercises (after a C section you’re meant to avoid strenuous exercise for a while) that we can do as a family.


Swimming! Although I’m going swimming with Arlo on Saturdays for his lessons there’s no actual swimming involved for me! So as a family we’re planning on trying to get to our local pool once a fortnight, and Sam and I can hopefully take it in turns to do a few lengths of the main pool each!

Cycling! When Sam starts his new job later this year he’ll be able to walk there in 20 minutes but is looking into getting a bike to make the journey a bit quicker & hopefully do some cycling along the seafront after his shifts too. I’d quite like a bike too so that we can get some baby seats and go on family rides when the weather is nice! We have miles of seafront and the south coast cycle route on our doorstep to explore so it seems a shame not to take advantage! Until Arlo can sit on his own though we may hold off with him as I don’t fancy the idea of those trailers on the roads! We’d also like to get Athena a balance bike soon to start getting her used to bikes, how funky does this one look from Fat Birds Don’t Fly? Sam also has his eye on one of their road bikes!

Yoga! Definitely a new one for Sam as he’s not done it before but I’ve taken classes on and off for a good few years now. It would  be good for Sam to try and get a bit more flexibility ahead of our ski trip next January so I’m going to try and tempt him into some sessions at home with the aid of a few YouTube videos! With any luck Athena will join in rather than laugh at us, she’s often found doing a downward dog anyway!

Any more ideas for exercising as a family? Chasing Athena round the park doesn’t count… we do that multiple times a week!

This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions my own.

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