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Babymoov  recently launched their new range of changing bags with a live catwalk show in Paris which was streamed live on the Internet!  I was lucky enough to see it up in London and not only did we get to see the bags on the catwalk but they were all there in the flesh for us to play with!


I was torn between the City, the Style and the Glober but the City won out in the end and I am now the very proud owner of the City in the Zinc colour, a gorgeous deep grey!

The Style bag comes in an array of designs and it does definitely look more like a hand bag than a changing bag, but it was smaller than the City and as I need to cart stuff around for two babies these days I needed the extra capacity! The Glober is a rucksack style bag, although you can cleverly conceal the straps so it doesn’t look like one! Perfect for the babywearers amongst us, or the dads who don’t like to carry something that could be mistaken for a hand bag! As I’m not often wearing Arlo without pushing Athena in the buggy I decided we’d still go for the City as it can hang from the buggy with no need for me to carry it and Arlo at the same time!

Each style of bag comes in a few different designs giving you a whopping twenty nine to choose from! As with all Babymoov products the bags were developed with parents in mind, by parents! There is definitely something to suit everyone, including dads, for whatever you need your bag to do! The Traveller bag would make a great hospital bag and weekend bag down the line too, for example!


Inside the City is a changing mat, separate insulated bottle holder (that we use to keep snacks in as we don’t need it for bottles), two separate pouches (a small one designed for soothers and a larger one for other bits) but I used the smaller one for spare change and the bigger one for things like hand sanitiser, headache pills and tissues! With the stroller clips you can hang the bag from your pushchair, use the long strap for wearing across the body and the shorter ones for carrying on your arm/shoulder.

I love that the zip lets you open the bag right up, ideal for a deep bag like this as there is no scrabbling around to find what you want by feel alone! Two little pockets on the front are perfect for your keys and phone, as well as a myriad of inner pockets too! Last Saturday I had in the bag:

  • 4 Nappies for Arlo
  • 4 Cloth nappies for Athena and a wet bag
  • A full pack of wipes,
  • two sun hats
  • Athenas drink
  • My Purse, keys and phone,
  • Three Babymoov muslins
  • A spare set of clothes for Arlo
  • The separate bag with ‘bits’ in
  • A snickers bar

Seriously, it’s the tardis! My only gripe is that the stroller clips aren’t attached at the ends of the bag, so it hand slightly wonkily from the buggy handles, but I tend to pop it in my massive shopping basket anyway (we have a Silver Cross Pioneer) so it isn’t much of a problem for us but other people may knock into it when walking depending on where you position it on the handlebar. I will be taking it with me to BritMums this weekend as it will carry everything Arlo needs for three days away, plus anything that I would normally put in a handbag!

I was able to review this lovely bag as part of my role as a BabyMoov ambassador, please click for more babymoov reviews!



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