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If I had to decide the one thing I own the most of, it would be nail varnish. I have a lot of clothes but probably not this many of one single thing… So one dreary evening a few weeks ago I decided to sort out the box that they all live in and sort them out by colour group. My life is just THAT thrilling I tell you. I do still need to get some stickers for the tops of the bottles to put a splodge of varnish on so I can see what’s what from above… one day (never going to happen, but it really should!) Anyway, I digress, I was chatting to Zoe on twitter a few weeks back and we decided to do a joint post, so once you have noseyed at my collection you can go and see hers here!!


Anyway, without further ado, here we go, grouped vaguely by colour… I’m not going to type out the name/colour of each bottle but if you desperately want to know please do ask in a comment and I will dutifully go check it out and let you know!


Reds & Oranges


Purples & lilacs


Nudes & pale pinks




Burgundy & browns


Pinks and mauves


Silver & Grey






Yellows (and some beads for caviar esque nails)


Top coats and a random white


Purple & red sparklies


Multi & holo glitters


Blue and more multi, and a flakey on the end


all the sparklies

DSC06812 DSC06813

Stickers and stamping plates… I need more practise at stamping, I have no patience whatsoever.

Not pictured are nail art pens (mainly by essence, black silver and white)

You can see all my past nail art posts here, and like I said up there, go and check out Zoe’s blog ‘Marshmallows&Promises’ here… & obviously if you have done a similar post let me know!

13 thoughts on “Nail Polish collection

  1. I love seeing nail varnish collections, and like organising mine every now and then! It’s a bit satisfying isn’t it?

    Lisa xx

  2. Woo, nail polish! I’m suprised at how many we both have, and yet so few matching ones! I spy a few I have, and a good few I’d like… Where do you get Essence polishes?!

    Zoe xoxo

  3. Woah, that’s a collection and a half! I try to do nail art but I’m usually too lazy, or end up smudging as I don’t have the patience to let it dry! x

  4. ohhhh I am do jealous, you have a beautiful nail polish collection 🙂 I hope you give them all plenty of love!

  5. Healthy collection! I see a few familiar faces 😛 I love np so much, one day I’ll need to post my shameful(Its ALOT) collection.
    PS Stamping is the bane of me too. I always ruin a perfectly good mani, every. Single. Time.

  6. holy shizzle you have a shopfull of the stuff! I have about a dozen. How can you ever decide which to use?!! Love it tho x

  7. OMG!! what a huge nail polish collection?! I had about 5 and I thought those were many. 4 of those dried up so had to throw them out 🙂 My favourite colour is a deep shiny blue, I think it’s similar to your black deluxe p2 colour. Anyway, seeing your collection, I think I might be doing some nail polish shopping this weekend! 🙂


  8. Wow, that’s a lotta varnish! I v rarely wear it any more as I just don’t have the time to maintain it. But seeing your collection reminds me of being a teenager. I had loads of nail varnish, brill ones from Miss Selfridge, and I would create all sorts of patterns. Those were the days…

  9. Awesome design & look.. Amazing.. I mean I have been searching nail art designs like this, especially when I wish to SHOUT MYSELF LOUDER 🙂 I mean Zoe Nails is the thing to have but your designs are really looking so cool on the eyes.

  10. LOVE this post… I can’t see any Essie in your collection though, a seasoned nail polish-aholic like you is missing a trick 🙂 I’m going to tweet you a picture of my collection now xx

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