In which I am a flowery Skull

DSC07133 DSC07147

Okay, i’m not. But I am wearing some. Dress & Shoes H&M. Jacket: Henry Holland.

 DSC07137 DSC07153

Sam needs to learn to take pictures that do not cut off my feet and/or head. Being 6’6” is no excuse. The reason my face looks different is because I am wearing no makeup.

DSC07157   DSC07158  DSC07149

I love this dress lots. I think I will wear it to my friends wedding in August. She’s not wearing white so it is allowed, I think.

This is what I wore for Sam’s leaving party at work. He’s not working for me anymore, he’s gone off to work at another hotel as a Conference bar Manager… I think although we will probably see each other less now, the time we spend together will actually be more quality time. Fingers crossed eh! Sam is below on the right, and Ryan on the left transferred to another hotel too at the same time, i’ve worked with these guys for around 4 years so work will be a little odd, but their replacements are both okay so we’re all good! Sam came tripping home at around 4am, Ryan stayed at ours and called me to be let in at half midnight, as I had come home early like the granny that I am!


On the same day we also paid to have the reception for our wedding, and have decided to have it in the Church where we are having our ceremony. This is a HUGE weight off my mind, and has meant I can get on with the invitations and other details. I won’t bang on about it too much here, but will put together a proper wedding update post soon!

This weekend will be spent tweaking our wedding invite design/wording (I am DIYing), finalising wedding rings (hopefully) Going out for my friends 70’s themed Hen night, and a day of dossing about with Sam on Sunday, with a meeting with our Vicar to talk about the ceremony, and then Dinner with my Boss and some other worky people. On a Sunday, I KNOW!

What are your weekend plans? lets all do an anti rain dance, reckon it’ll work?

9 thoughts on “In which I am a flowery Skull

  1. Love the skull detail on that dress. It’s cool when patterns look like one thing until you look closer. I have a t-shirt with a skull made of flowers where you can’t tell until you’re up close 🙂 x

  2. I love this dress! Initially I couldn’t see the skulls at all, but now I can and it’s actually quite beautiful considering they are skulls! Good luck with your invites, I can imagine it’s gonna take a long long time! (: xx

  3. Such a pretty dress, the detailing is lovely. The jacket really works with it too. It seems that feet don’t seem to feature as ‘all of me in the picture’ when men are behind the camera, d’oh! You’ve got a busy weekend on!
    Good luck to Sam in his new job 🙂 x

  4. The dress is super pretty but i’m in love with the jacket, i’ve been looking for one like that for ages :]xxx

  5. You look so lovely here, you get loads of great H&M bargains! I really enjoyed all your street style photo’s from another post too 🙂 Hope i see you soon x x

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