Ideas To Help You Settle Into The New Family Home

Moving to a new home is a scary and exciting experience all in one. Not only is it an exhausting experience for the parents in terms of moving all the possessions, perhaps changing jobs (if it’s a distant move), and dealing with the financial aspect of things, but it’s also an exhausting experience for your children too. They might have to say goodbye to friends if you’re moving too far away for them to stay at the same school and they have to deal with living in a brand new environment; both in terms of the house and the location. Moving to a new place definitely has more of an effect on a young mind than it does on an adult mind. Still, this is a big change for everybody in your family. Here are some ideas to help you settle into the new family home and ensure everybody is happy.

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Personalize the interior

Think about how to personalize the interior. You might not have unpacked everything yet (and it’ll probably take a long time), but focus on the small ways in which you can make this place into your home. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, or give the garden a personalised makeover if you’re too tired to touch the interior yet. At least none of your boxes are outdoors so you have space to get to work.

Get each other housewarming gifts

Every family member could give a housewarming gift to another member of the family (you can figure out the logistics!) to help them feel a little more settled and happy about their new home. Everybody loves a gift, and your friends or relatives will most likely be getting your some housewarming goodies too. Still, it’s a sweet idea for you all to get something special to commemorate this big day. Leading off from the previous point, this could be part of personalizing the interior. Somebody could buy scented candles for mom to help make the parents’ bedroom or bathroom a little warmer and cozier. Somebody could buy slippers for dad so that he can relax with snug feet on weekend mornings.

Of course, buying presents for the kids is the most important part of this process, as they might be struggling with a big move more than the parents. You could make it extra fun for your little ones by looking into dolls houses to get for them. They could decorate their personal little house and you could promise to take their ideas as inspiration for the design of the actual house. The point is that this gift-giving event will make the whole process of moving in more like a special and fun occasion, such as Christmas or a birthday, rather than a scary change in life.

Unpack Quickly

If you want this new and empty house to start feeling like a home then it’s important to unpack all your homely possessions as quickly as possible. Don’t put off the unpacking process, as daunting as it may seem, because it’s only going to become harder with each passing day. It’s exhausting to see all those boxes and bags stacked high, but you just need to get it done. You can turn it into a fun family activity, much like everything else; challenge the kids to unpack all their belongings more quickly than you. Of course, you’ll want to make sure they do it properly… good luck!

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