Sunday Scrapbook – Locked out & Swimming

Well that week shot past didn’t it? Athena’s first week at school, and Arlos first week doing three days with the childminder. All the school runs were going well, up til the final one on Friday where about three seconds after I pulled the front door closed behind me I realised I’d not got my keys. Sam was at work and although he was due to finish at 3pm it never happens! So after picking Athena up we spent ten minutes in the park and then headed off to get Arlo (via the shop for a drink!) Once we’d picked up a very sleepy Arlo (always a recipe for disaster) we strolled to another park that has loos as I knew Athena would need to go sooner or later. I say strolled, we only had Athena’s scooter as she’d had it at school, so actually Arlo stood on that and I pulled him along and Athena dithered along behind us. We played at the park for a while (sheltering from spotty rain showers under the ‘spaceship’) before a well timed invitation to a friends house! Sam picked us up on his way home so we finally rolled in at half six!

On Thursday I took advantage of only have Arlo and we went swimming first thing in the morning, Athena complained she would be missing out on the fun but had clearly forgotten about it by the time we picked her up! Arlo is such a little water baby, happy bobbing about in his float suit and arm bands, I’ve tried to teach him to kick his legs but he’s not bothered by actually learning to swim just yet!

Nothing else worth talking about happened really, so onto this weeks #LittleLoves…


I finished Pattern of Shadows this week, a wartime romance/’family drama’ I suppose. Not amazing and I won’t be reading the sequel! I’ve started 12 Dates which is actually chuckle-out-loud funny in places!


Currently watching Suits (though that’s just finished a season) Ozark & Reign (which is so historically inaccurate but it’s a good thing to have on in the background!)


Sam has been addicted to ‘That Poppy’ and now I’m finding it annoyingly catchy too! We’ve also been listening to this song a lot, by Raleigh Ritchie (aka the actor who plays Grayworm in Game of Thrones)


Some very un-photogenic Banana and Oat biscuits for the kids, the bananas were on the turn so it was the only thing for it!


I wore slippers for the first time since march! I hate wearing them, or socks at all for that matter, and i’m still mostly wearing sandals outside the house but it was really chilly last night and the night before so out came the slipper socks! I did also buy a nice new warm parka but hoping to not have to wear that till after I get back from Israel in October!

And Lastly…

I wrote about the books that I plan to read on holiday, you can read that post here 🙂 Oh, and I hit 3k followers on my facebook page too this week, hurrah! Bet a few people unfollow now, just you watch!





Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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