Nights out without the baby


Sam and I are going to attempt to have a proper date night/day once a month, with either my mum or some other unsuspecting soul looking after the baby for us. Each month we’ll take it in turns to decide the activity, so I thought I’d share with you our list at the moment…

Billy Elliot the musical – I’ve wanted to see this ever since it started, but somehow have never quite managed to see it, it’s a lovely film and has a great score, so I am determined to see it live this year!

Wwe UK tour 2013 – this one is Sam’s choice, he’s a big wrestling fan, and I admit I find it all pretty entertaining, even though I know it’s pretty much scripted in advance. The way the crowd gets SO into the fights it’s impossible not to find yourself cheering and whooping along, so to see this at the O2 arena with thousands of other people would definitely be an experience!

Don Quixote, performed by The Royal Ballet – My mum used to take me to see a Ballet at the Royal Opera house every year in the Summer holidays, but I’ve not been in about 5 years, and I think I’d quite like to keep this tradition going when Athena is big enough to enjoy it! Who knows, maybe she’ll show an interest and take ballet lessons like I did for years…

Race a car for a day – strictly this is Sam’s choice again, however I am all for it! I love driving and driving fast legally on a track with no limits would be so exhilarating! I have to be careful on the real roads now, as my last speeding points have just come off so I’d like to keep a clean license from now on! (I got caught doing well over the limit overtaking an undercover police car, whoops!)

Eat in The Shard – the view says it all really! Plus it would be lovely to eat a meal without one of us having to hold/feed/burp the baby and subsequently microwave our dinner to eat it warm…


What’s on your ‘to visit ‘list? We need some more inspiration!

One thought on “Nights out without the baby

  1. This is a great idea, it’s important to have some baby-free time once in a while! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to see a couple of shows in London – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Book of Mormon. It’s also the Brighton Comedy festival in October too, so loads of great comedians coming down and right on our doorstep too, rather than getting all the way up to London.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

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