Nursery decor: On the walls

This Nursery decor post is a bit more about what’s on the walls, I’ve talked about an easy DIY picture wall before, and this post has another couple of easy ideas for what to pop on your little darlings walls!

As anyone with a baby in nappies will contest they wriggle like worms when being changed so we put an alphabet canvas up so she can look at it during changing times (it was from The Range) and hung it opposite where her head goes! On the long wall above the changing table is a rainbow wall decal from the Wall Stickers website, which I was sent to review. I wanted something bright and fun that didn’t have her name on it (as we already have a poster with that and her birth details on) and this fitted the bill perfectly. Free delivery on all items, and all their stickers are made in the UK, which is something that is quite important to me these days.

IMG_7012 IMG_7017

The rainbow and 5 clouds came separately so you can place them on the wall in any design you fancy! The application with really easy, although I got Sam to do it because he can reach that height without needing to stand on anything! It took about 5 minutes to cut out and place them on the wall, and then 10 to make sure the adhesive has stuck properly before you peel the backing tape off. You can remove them easily when needed by warming with a hair drier and peeling gently as per the instructions. Athena’s new favourite game is to stand up during nappy changes to touch the rainbow!
On the cabinet to the left is the ‘shoe string’ (for want of a better word) that I’ve had up for ages, only a lot of the shoes have changed! We swapped the shoes on the wall to replace the one’s she’s outgrown, and the rest are on the top of the cabinet for now! This is made from ribbon and those tiny little pegs you can get for putting your Christmas cards up, you can buy them in The Works/The Range etc. The cabinet itself was a bargainous £33 on eBay and was about 3 roads away from us and I love it, it’s perfect for keeping all the odds and ends, but now I think I need to paint the half wardrobe opposite white to match it!
All the nappies are kept in a little white ikea bookcase between the drawers and the cabinet, and to add a bit of pretty to them and the drawers (also ikea) I just used washi tape along the drawer and shelf fronts. SO simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!

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