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Everyone’s allowed to dream right? Sam tells me off when we walk or drive past a house and I say “we’ll never be able to afford that… dream big” So I’ve decided to channel my frustration into a series of posts about our ‘forever home’ and what I’d love for it to look like, and first up is the living room…


A large window to let in oodles of light, preferably not south facing as that’s what we get currently and its just too hot with the sun blaring through all day! Ideally a lovely view too, with no nosy neighbours! Better yet would be double doors opening onto a vast lawn… Instead of carpet I’d love to attempt laying laminate flooring down, easier to clean up squashed rice cakes and mop up spilt drinks.  We have a cream carpet in our flat at the moment and I almost had a mini heart attack at Christmas when my mum spilt red wine on it! I’d like a dark wood with a few nice rugs scattered about. 

Storage wise there would be bookshelves floor to ceiling, but with a funky twist, I love the diagonal shelves above but in a lighter colour. A large set of drawers of all shapes and sizes  would be perfect for sweeping away all the inevitable clutter that accumulates. The house that we rented for my hen do had something similar… I’d never remember what lived in which drawer but that’s half the fun I guess!

The TV would live hidden away when not in use as I hate the way it dominates the room, either above a fire place with shutters or in a wall of pictures so it gets camouflaged! As for the sofa I quite like the one we have already which has a lounger bit that sticks out at one end,  but if we had the space then a corner sofa would be even better!

How close is your living room to your ‘dream’?


All images in this collaborative post are from my pinterest boards.

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