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  • The Christmas Tag

    The Christmas Tag
  • Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!

    Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!
  • Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway

    Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway
  • 4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

    4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Sunday Scrapbook – Tonsils & Halloween

I’m finally getting a chance to get my laptop on, it’s currently Sunday lunchtime and I’ve sent the kids to their room with their tablets and some left over Halloween biscuits so I can get some peace. I’ve got tonsillitis again so don’t feel like going out in the cold as I have no energy to chase them around nor to shout them back to me when they inevitably run off faster than I can…

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Me and Mine in October 18

Oh blimey, yet another speedy month behind us as we hurtle ever onwards to Christmas and a new year! We took these photos the weekend before last in the middle of a country walk around Slindon, where we headed for our annual pilgrimage to see the Pumpkin display. They’re a bit nutso looking as we had to try and get the kids laughing as they didn’t want to smile, but I really like them! I…

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Scrapbook Loves – October 18

I’m back with another ‘Little Loves’ post, which is a round up of the things I’ve been loving (or perhaps not loving!) over the past month! Read This month I’ve read less books than normal as half term craziness meant I barely had time to sit down let alone read much! I listened to Lily Allen’s autobiography on the drive back from the lake district, but as it’s a book I’m sticking it in this…

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Sunday Scrapbook – What we got up to in Half Term

Ahhh, Half term is over and we’re back to normality tomorrow with school runs and swimming lessons! The week has gone so fast but that’s probably because we stuffed it full of fun, friends and time outdoors. The kids have mostly worn their spookiest clothes for the week too, which has been fun! Last Saturday the kids and I headed into town, saw a brass band, looked round the museum and had pudding for lunch…

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Travel: Three European Cities I want to visit in 2019

I love exploring cities, checking out the local cuisine, finding out where the locals shop, exploring museums, and just people watching in general! Earlier this year I visited The Hague, and previously have spent time in Prague, Amsterdam and a few different cities in Germany. However there are still tonnes of cities I’d love to visit, and these three are top of my list of perfect weekend getaways right now: Berlin Along with an amazing party…

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My experience with PCOS

I have PCOS – which stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. According to this article around 3.5 million women in the UK have it, but as the symptoms can vary so much from woman to woman everyone experiences it differently. As many as 20 percent of women can have cysts on their ovaries (which is called ‘PCO’) but when you have this plus one or more other symptoms this is when it becomes PCOS. There are lots…

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How to get your cosy on! #DFSCosyNightsIn

With it getting darker before seven, the nights are all about comfort for the next five months. Turn on the heating, tuck into the autumn TV schedule and get cosy. Once the sun has set and the kids are in bed I am more than happy to be ensconced in my living room all evening! To me, autumn signals the start of the ‘cosy months’ which come after ‘sweltering months’ and before the ‘freezing’ months. Mid-September…

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