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  • The Christmas Tag

    The Christmas Tag
  • Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!

    Sunday Scrapbook – Pantos, Candles, Coffee Shops + more!
  • Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway

    Personalised Rings with Centime + Giveaway
  • 4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

    4 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Everyday Us: It’s five O’clock in the morning…

No, not that Lily Allen song but the time Arlo wakes up. Why five am? Who knows? We’ve tried changing various things, putting the heating on lower, higher, earlier, later, going to bed later, earlier, bigger dinner, less drink… nothing changes. He’ll suddenly shout for me, or cry out and when I arrive in his room he’ll say ‘I’m not sleeping anymore’ and that is that. Bringing him into our bed doesn’t work as he…

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Gift Guide: Inspirational Books for Kids

I love reading books to the kids, and Athena is now starting to try to read books herself- she’s definitely way more interested in the actual story-line these days rather than just looking at the pictures. I’ve put together a bumper selection of amazing books you can add to your kid’s Christmas lists, each one is either inspirational, a bit educational or just really special. Books that you’ll enjoy reading too hopefully! First up is…

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Festive Gift Ideas for Kids

Ahh, kids at Christmas – there’s nothing lovelier than seeing their happy faces as they open their gifts, and it makes all the anguish over what to get them worth it! This endless struggles over which items to leave off their list (we’re not made of money!) and the inevitable panic when they suddenly tell Santa on a visit to see him a week before Christmas that the one thing that they REALLLLLY want is…

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All about me in Autumn

So this was originally the ‘October Blogging tag’ or something along those lines, so I’ve changed any mention of October to Autumn and am rebelling and posting this in November. I love reading things like this on other blogs as a great way to find out about the blogger, so if you’re new to Scrapbook Blog and don’t know much about me this post might help! There is an ‘about me‘ page here too, by…

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Festive Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all thinking about presents for our loved ones and friends, so I’ve put together a few gift guides this year to give you some inspiration and this one is all about gifts perfect for the ladies in your life! Be they mum-friends, sisters, daughters, though I should add that the men in your life might be interested in a few of these, you never know! First up…

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Gourmet Tea from Adagio Teas & Giveaway!

Over the past month I have been slowly and steadily making my way through the amazing selection of loose leaf teas from Adagio Teas, where tea blending is almost and art and every blend is carefully created to produce the perfect cup every time. I was sent quite the selection, and it felt like Christmas had come early! If you’ve been watching my instagram stories over the past month you’ll have seen me drooling over…

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Living DNA – Exploring my Ancestry

Here’s a conversation I had with Athena a couple of weeks ago… “Mummy why do some other people talk in a different way to us?” “Because they come from a different country, or their parents do and they want to make sure their kids carry on speaking in their own language as well as English.” “Oh, but where are WE from?” Good question kiddo, good question. I am British, there are no two ways about…

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