Toffee The Pony Toy Review

Toys: Toffee the Pony Emotion Pets Review

When your child reallllly wants a pet but you don’t have  the time/room/money (especially when they’d quite like a pony!)  Emotion Pets are a great way to   give them the pet experience . We have been sent Toffee the Pony from the  Emotion Pets range available at Very. Toffee the Pony is a super soft plush  toy with animatronic eyes…

Frozen 2 Sven reindeer review

Frozen 2: Singing Elsa & Playdate Sven Toys

Two Frozen 2 toys that are sure to be popular this Christmas – Singing Elsa & Playdate Sven!

Interiors: How to Make a Small Room look Bigger

There’s always that one small room in the house that we struggle to make full use of. If it’s not the bedroom for the unlucky sibling, it’s used as some sort of dumping ground for bits and pieces which you just haven’t managed to find a home for yet. This is usually because no-one wants to spend too much time…

advent calendar filling ideas

25 Advent calendar filler ideas

In a bid to reduce waste and give useful gifts this year will be the second year we’ve used  a ‘fill your own’ advent calendar. Last year the kids shared one  (though they got a surprise each) but this year they will have their own as we have been sent a wooden light up calendar from the Sue Ryder  Online…

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Some inspiration for (mostly) educational kids gifts, like puzzles, games and crafty things.

me and mine october 19

Me and Mine October 2019

October  was a busy one for us,  Sam was away for a long weekend snowboarding  as well as doing a lot of running! He did a cross country run and ‘The Great South Run’ in Portsmouth – the kids and I tried to spot him on the telly but didn’t have any luck! I took the kids away the London…

Scrapbook Loves – October 19

Ten months down, two to go! How crazy is that! It’ll be full speed  ahead to Christmas now that Halloween is out of the way! Here’s  a few of my favourites from October… Books I read these eight books in October,  which took me over my target of 60!  The Light Between Oceans was a must read, so well written… photo prints

Print your Instagram snaps with SquaredOne

[Gifted items. Words and images my own] If you’re  anything like me then you will snap photos on your phone or maybe even a  digital camera and  then rarely do anything else with them. They’ll sit gathering dust in the virtual basement of your hard drive, or maybe in the cloud if you’re really organised. But that’s actually a little…

Geomag rocket and rover

Geomag NASA Rocket & Rover toy review

These items were provided for the purpose of this review. Geomags are new to us, though when the kids were younger they loved the preschool version, Geomag magicubes. These two sets are the more advanced style the original Geomag and are for ages 5+. We got to build a NASA Rocket and Rover set. I was surprised there was no…

Sunday Scrapbook- Bruises and muddy bums

The last two weeks have gone by so fast but I wanted to get them down ‘on paper’ as it were. Two notable events was Sam running the Great South Run today- a ten mile race around Portsmouth and the longest official run he has done yet! The kids and I tried to spot him on the TV but no…

autumn capsule wardrobe

Style: Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Wishlist

This is a collaborative post. This week I packed away my birkenstocks and  got my parka out of hibernation which can only mean one thing: Autumn is upon us and Winter is just around the corner!  In turn, that means it’s time to swap all my clothes around! I’ve not worn a summer dress in weeks and my lightweight cardis…

Toys: CAT Construction Vehicles

Post contains gifted items. Arlo loves trucks, diggers and tractors  as do so many little kids. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we used to have to stop and watch every digger or dumper truck we saw when we were out and about, no matter if it was raining or super cold!  This week, to coincide with some really…