Planes and boats with the iCandy Raspberry

Athena loves planes. Sam loves planes, possibly because his dad was a pilot. His sister works with private jets too so it seems to be in the blood! We decided to give Athena a treat last week and take her to see the planes at Shoreham Airport, although it’s actually Brighton and Hove city airport these days! We took a stroll along Adur River path first to ogle at the house boats!



A few of the houseboats are fairly standard looking but the vast majority of them were originally something completely different! Planes, war ships, caravans… they all make an appearance! It was a really warm day so we thought we’d give Arlo his first buggy experience out of a carry cot in the Icandy Raspberry! Because it lays flat and has a nice padded seat liner it’s perfect for little ones although at 12 weeks he’s not so small these days!


We actually tilted the seat up slightly as he was desperate to look around, and he also had a bit of a cold so being more upright made him more comfortable! Athena took great pride in pushing Arlo, although we waited until we were off the elevated river path before letting her have a go in case we ended up with wet babies!




I love being able to see the vast chapel of Shoreham College in the distance, it looms out of the hill and always seems a bit Harry Potteresque to me! When we got to the end of the footpath we were annoyed to see that the foot bridge to town was closed for repair, so we turned round and headed back to the car. Thankfully the Raspberry folds up easily without having to take the seat unit off, so that went in the boot and we all piled in the car and drove the short distance to the airport!


The outdoor seating at the Hummingbird Cafe is right on the tarmac so you can see planes taxiing and taking off, helicopters starting their flights and everything lands close by too! I felt the need to apologise to the table next to us for Athenas high pitched screeches whenever she saw a plane landing, although the little boy a few tables down was doing the same thing too! We’ve never seen her so excited before! Lunch was lovely and when we finished we had a quick look in the tiny museum too.

On Saturday we had to do a few things in town and Athena decided she fancied a spin with the new wheels, it’s lovely that a quick turn round of the seat and she can use it in world facing mode too! Arlo is still too small for the seat unit of our other buggy so to have a stroller that can be used for both children without any extras is ideal!



There was a rather funky looking mirrored beach hut on the pebbles so we played around taking photos for a while there! After lunch we headed to a local fun fair too, and although Athena walked round a lot she got tired on the way home so she went in the stroller and I carried Arlo! Best of both worlds, plus it meets with Sam’s approval as he can comfortably push it at six foot six!

We were sent the iCandy Raspberry to enjoy, for a more detailed review check out this review on Pushchair Expert or take a look at the range of colours and full specs on the iCandy website.

11 thoughts on “Planes and boats with the iCandy Raspberry

  1. That looks like a lovely, fun day out!! I’ve always been slightly put off by iCandys because of the price and how bulky and heavy the ones I have tried have seemed. He does look comfy though and a beautiful colour!

    1. hey Clare? what pushchair did you try? I have a peach 3 which i would recommend, its sturdy and really easy to steer. but this raspberry is definitely a light one, i checked on their site after reading this and they are advertising it as an urban pushchair.

  2. Fab little adventure, Oliver loves planes too. How cute does Athena look pushing her little bro! I really like the colour of that i candy.

  3. Looks like you had a fun day out! i would love to take my little one somewhere like that, but im pretty sure she would be scared of the noise lol. like everyone else whos commented i love the colour, is a there a selection of colours to choose from as i quite like the Raspberry! im gonna test one out this weekend at mothercare!

  4. I’ve had the raspberry since the birth of my daughter last Oct. I’ve not seen the blue version before but will add a new hood for summer now. Where’s that beach hut, I need to get some photos there myself.

  5. I cant express how happy i am that i went for this over the bee . ive had it for 8 months now and i can honestly say it is flawless!! the functionality and ease of fold makes being a parent 10x easier. Hope this helps more of you make the right choice. x

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Adur River path certainly looks to be a wonderful place for a little stroll. How did you find steering the pushchair around all those different terrains in the pics? And how did you find packing the Raspberry away into the boot? Sorry- asking lots of questions here but keen to get your insight before I buy! Jenna – my daughter – is such a fussy child and I’m just weighing up a few options at the moment. Very tempted by this one though after reading your review, I have to say. We live in the centre of Manchester and whichever pushchair we buy will be getting lots and lots of use around the city’s shops so definitely need one that’s practical, folds up easily and can just handle being manouvered around okay. Nothing worse than getting jammed behind people on a busy day with a big heavy pushchair with a child in discomfort!

    1. Hi Leisa, It was actually a lot easier to steer than anticipated! Both kids seem comfy in it, and the padded seat liner is a big plus! Definitely more suited to a town or city but if you ever did do want to head out of the city it would still do the job on a rough path well, just not right into the woods for example! It folds easily once you get the knack of it, it took me a couple of goes but my husband mastered it first time, the fact that it stands alone when folded makes getting it in and out of the car boot really easy!

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