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Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you may be aware we’re in the middle of a heatwave! As someone who carries Arlo in a sling 90% of the time this has meant that we both get sticky and I get paranoid about him getting sunburnt! So this week he’s spent more time in the buggy than ever before I think! Thankfully whichever direction we walk in and however hot it is I’ve been able to keep him cool and shaded by using the Sleep Pod made by Outlook from Cheeky Rascals. It cleverly has a few functions and we’ve used them all now so I feel I can do a proper review!

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Firstly it works amazingly to completely block out the light, well 94% which is good enough for me, but still allows airflow through the breathable fabric. Much MUCH safer than throwing a blanket or coat over your babies buggy as the temperature inside can reach dangerously high temperatures if that happens. With the Sleep Pod on the buggy Arlo happily slept through a two hour mortgage appointment yesterday, a previously unheard of length of time for a buggy nap!

When you want to see in, or if using on a pushchair rather than a carrycot  like we do for Athena you can un velcro the front flap half way or all the way up so you can interact with your child and they can see out, but are still shaded. This blocks out 70% of UVA rays.


You can completely zip open the front panel for when you’re handing food/drink through to your child or need to re adjust things. The panel tucks into a little storage pouch in this case, and in fact the whole shebang rolls up and tucks up neatly so it takes up next to no space in the shopping basket, less than the raincover in fact!

Lastly we’ve been using the Sleep-pod on Arlos car seat in the car, it stays put and works much better than attempting to get a muslin or similar to stay in place, plus will keep him a lot cooler!

You can attach it to any car seat, buggy or pram with the elasticated straps that just hook round the buggy frame/handles etc. It fits out group 0+ car seat, and both pushchairs in carry cot AND pushchair mode no matter which way the seat is facing! Pretty impressive for a price of £21.25 and no need to buy two things

You can buy the Sleep-Pod from Cheeky Rascals, and there is even a version for double buggies too!

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  1. That is a fantastic price for an essential bit of kit, I wish I’d known about it last year when T was smaller!

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