Wanderlust: Cornwall


We’ve only been to Cornwall once for a holiday and it was about four weeks before I had Athena. Therefore my energy levels weren’t that high and there were a few things we chose not to do, although climbing all the steps up to the top of Tintagel Castle wasn’t one of them! The lady selling tickets even asked me not to go into labour up there or we’d need a helicopter to get off!

We’d like to go back to cornwall with the children at some point, because there were so many attractions that they’d love! The Seal Sanctuary also had a petting zoo as well as the seals, otters and penguins so would be perfect! The Eden Project was somewhere we didn’t visit but friends we were with did and said it was a really good day out so that’s definitely on the list now too! Obviously the amount of beaches is a plus point too!

We shared a converted barn with friends when we last went, but it wasn’t ideal location wise nor did it have particularly spectacular views. I’d love to stay in Pentillie Castle (pictured above) because it looks so serene, plus some rooms have four poster beds! Although thinking about it maybe we should save it for a kid-free holiday as they’d ruin the tranquility somewhat! It’s listed with lots of gorgeous boutique accommodation in cornwall on Chic Retreats if you fancy checking it out!

If you’ve been to Cornwall before please let me know any must visit attractions or favourite places to stay!

Collaborative post, all words my own.

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  1. Just recently back from Cornwall and and to laugh when you mentioned Tintagel. I’ve yet to blog about it but what an experience with two dogs and my son. Made me feel queasy! Preferred looking around the coastal villages much better!

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