Planning: Birthday Parties

We had a fairly small gathering for Athena’s first birthday, to be honest she didn’t really know that it was her birthday or that everyone was gathered for her! We’ve decided to push the boat out a little bit more for next year as she’ll have made friends at nursery and all her other little chums will be old enough to appreciate it too!

We’re hoping to have a theme, and I’ve been adding ideas to my birthday party ideas board on Pinterest like a crazy woman (that’s were the images in this post are from) Hopefully by then Athena will have some favourite characters from books or TV that we can base a theme on, but if not I have plenty of ideas already!

We’d probably hire a hall with an outdoor space for the kids to run around in, with lots of helium balloons and maybe even a bouncy castle! We’d probably hire outdoor furniture and tables for the buffet if we needed to so that there is plenty of space for everything as this year we had a folding table that was almost bowed under the weight of all the food! There are some amazing cake-creators near me, and although I love baking I left it till the last minute this year to do it and although it was edible and looked okay I think getting a professional cake would save a lot of stress for me! Both Mr Bake and Parklife will design and make a cake to your specifications, including giant cupcakes!

So, I know it’s 10 months away yet and I should probably think about Christmas first… but you can never be too organised, right?

2 thoughts on “Planning: Birthday Parties

  1. I love a good party theme! And I have to say I love professional cakes! Especially character ones! I saw an A-mazing Wizard of Oz one when we were in Brighton! Plus it feels all fancy when you have a cake made!

  2. Those jellyfish are awesome! You could always celebrate A’s one-and-a-half-th birthday if you can’t wait 10 months to eat some rainbow cake! xxx

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