Pregnancy: 20 weeks, half way there!

Half way already, I am convinced time is speeding by faster than a speeding bullet in this pregnancy! I have downloaded a couple of pregnancy apps but very rarely check them, unlike last time when I checked almost daily! The baby is the size of a Mango or a Banana apparently though, depending on which app you use!

2 weeks ago at 18 weeks

My last update was at 16 weeks pregnant, so here is 20 weeks/5 months ish.

I’ve had an appointment with a ‘post C section’ consultant to discuss my birth this time round. I said I wanted another C section and she said ‘yep no probs’ which was a relief as I thought I would have to argue for it again as with my first pregnancy (you can read here about why I wanted an elective C section here on an old blog). But no more midwife appointments since my last update, my next is a couple of days before Christmas. I have my 20 week scan on Monday (our second wedding anniversary!) and we will hopefully be able to find out the sex of the baby! We had very little debate over finding out or not, we’ve both agreed that it didn’t really matter what Athena was (we didn’t find out due to her being in a funny position in the scan rather than a conscious decision) but with this baby we’d be able to prepare both us and Athena much better if we know what it is! I’ll be honest and say I don’t have an overriding feeling either way, although both Sam and I have said “when the girls are older…” or similar a few times, so who knows!

Symptoms : Other than starting to get a clicky back and hips not much to be honest! By this point in my first pregnancy I’d already been prescribed cream to help with the constant itchy legs and arms, but nothing like that so far! I’ve had a few headaches but I think some should be attributed to pressure and rain rather than the baby, weird as it sounds. I’ve started doing a pregnancy yoga DVD a couple of nights a week which seems to be helping with the aches and pains and is nice and calming too!

No cravings yet really, although I am still loving the fruit gums! I craved ice in late pregnancy before (which is a sign of low iron) so it will be interesting to see if that reappears down the line. Before I went to morocco I had two bouts of nasty gastroenteritis lasting 24 hours each, but amazingly whilst I was away was absolutely fine! I’m attempting to keep my water intake high to help with any digestion issues and the headaches by using the ‘water balance’ app on my phone, and I think it’s helped although I am peeing more than ever!

Sleep is not bad at all, I find whatever time I go to bed I’ll manage to fall asleep, so sometimes I go at 9pm and get 11 hours which is impressive, although I normally wake up for 1 or 2 loo visits per night these days! I’m sleeping with my theraline pregnancy pillow between my knees and under my bump to keep me in a comfortable position and so far am not waking up too achey! I’m having to wear a bra strap extender already as my rib cage is being pushed up and out, and the majority of my clothes are maternity now, with the odd baggy top still fitting okay!

That’s about it really, so far so good and hopefully will continue with few problems! I’ll get Sam to take a 20 week Picture over the weekend and pop one in soon!

For comparison sake, here is me at 21 weeks last pregnancy: way smaller than this time round!

I hope any other pregnant people are doing well too!

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