Pregnancy announcements and M&S Baby

I think the days are long gone when people would quietly announce their pregnancies as and when they saw people. The influx of social media outlets means it is much easier to tell people all at once, and I think you’ll agree that there seems to be a bit of a competitive streak entering the pregnancy announcements too!  Marks & Spencer have recently launched a dedicated baby section of their website, and asked me to share my opinions on a baby bump announcements!

We had told most of our close family that we were expecting a baby in the run up to our wedding, slightly earlier than I would have liked but I thought it was best to perhaps pre-excuse any hormonal behaviour, and the fact that I wasn’t going to be drinking at the wedding! We had our 12 week scan the day before we got married, so knew everything was okay but decided not to announce it at the wedding and wait till we got back from our Honeymoon. I wrote a blog post called “I’m back, married and pregnant” to announce the news to my blog followers but from memory I think that both Sam and I did a little update on facebook to let our ‘real life’ friends know. It just seemed the easiest and quickest way to do it at the time!

When we found out we were expecting the second time round we thought we would include Athena in the announcement so we snapped the picture above which I shared on the blog and on facebook too, once we’d told our families. My mum was quick to remind me that people wouldn’t be so excited the second time round, and as it was so soon after having Athena I’m not surprised really but I did find most people were pretty chuffed for us… and were already asking if we’d stop at two!

My advice to new parents is to make sure you’ve told your close family and friends first but to make sure they know not to tell anyone else. If you don’t think they can be trusted not to share the good news with people you don’t want to know, don’t tell them yet! Also think about how your news will affect people who may have been trying for a baby, think about telling them personally before a public announcement. It is very easy to get carried away on your cloud of happiness but your news may be hard to take for a couple who are struggling to conceive.

I think our announcements were rather tame compared to a few I’ve stumbled across online, so here are a few of my favourites!



So back to M&S Baby, who have a huge range of gorgeous baby clothes. We’ve always been fans, especially of the baby bundlers (like long nighties with elasticated bottoms) which make for super easy overnight nappy changes in the early days, and the super cute dresses! Athena’s first Birthday dress was from M&S! I’ve put together my favourites for our little man arriving soon, how awesome is the penguin T shirt, and the Tiger coat! Along with a great range of basics and starter sets, there are some really lovely patterns and designs which are updated frequently. In my experience M&S baby (and adult) clothes are made to last too, keeping their shape and softness wash after wash.


There is also a full range of baby related goodness including Nursery furniture, feeding equipment for breast and bottle, toys and books and bath time accessories too. At the moment this range is only available in 6 stores but online for everyone!

So, if you’ve had a baby how did you announce your pregnancy? Seen any really weird announcements, do share if so!

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