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My final Project B Box arrived the day after Arlo did, perfect timing! The final box is full of things to help you get settled with your new arrival, hence the title!

In it are a full size Seascape & Halos N Horns body lotions, both of which smell divine! Arlo is so small that a little goes a long way so I can see these both lasting forever! Seascape is a brand I was familiar with but Halos n Horns is new to me, and is another ‘nasties free’ brand, so perfect for little ones with delicate skin!

I also got a NUK bottle, which will come in handy when I start expressing so that Sam can share feeds, and a pack of water wipes along with a Vital Baby Sanitising water, handy for keeping things germ free on the go.

Also included are three sample size nappy creams, which are perfect for changing bags on the go, and for helping you to see what works best so you know what to buy to suit baby best down the line. SO far I’ve not needed to use a nappy cream at all for Arlo so these are waiting to be used!

Finally there is a very generous voucher for a family portrait session worth £250 with Venture Photography, who have studios up and down the country so anyone should be able to get to one fairly easily! Your body changes after pregnancy but it is something you should embrace, so photos are a great idea.

Overall a lovely box to finish off the subscription, I need to find a subscription box for babies now I think!

To find out more about Project B, or to subscribe yourself or for a friend click here to visit their website,

I am lucky enough to be reviewing a Project B box each month throughout my pregnancy in order to give an honest review.

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  1. I’m working on a project (and site for cord blood banking here in Canada,

    While on the subject of preparing for arrivals, do any of you have any plans on banking your newborn’s cord blood for the future and if so, how does it work in the UK?

    Please let me know, thanks in advance

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