Pregnancy: Project B Box – Prepare


This months box was chockablock full of goodies, based around the theme of ‘Prepare’, for weeks 30-34 of pregnancy.

In the box:

  • Nurture breast pads
  • Femfresh wipes
  • Lansinoh Bottle
  • Tena sample pack
  • Bamboo baby wipes
  • Gluco tabs energy tablets/juice
  • Floradix iron supplement
  • Pukka tea bags
  • MaByLand clear pouch
  • Nairns Muesli Oatcake


Okay so where to start? Firstly both the Floradix iron supplement and the Gluco tabs are small enough to pop in my bag, and both really useful. I have low iron and am taking iron tablets from the doctor the help combat this, but only two a day. The Floradix is great for a mid day pick me up along with the glucose tabs (I put them both in a glass of squash with lunch) to help me through the afternoons!

The Mabyland clear pouch will hold my travel sized toiletries in my hospital bag, as it’s it’s a perfect size and see through so I can see what’s in it.

I plan to breastfeed so when we introduce a bottle so Sam can feed baby expressed milk I’ll be interested to see how the Lansinoh bottle works out as it is designed to be similar to the flow from the breast, and of course the breast pads will come in helpful with feeding too!

The muesli oatcake and pukka tea bags I took to work, great for a mid morning snack with a cuppa!

Finally the Tena lady samples I am probably going to need soon, as I think it was around this time last pregnancy that I started to need a bit of extra protection last time (hey, maybe tmi but apparently 69% of women need something like these, and especially pregnant ladies I would think! I swear this baby kick me in the bladder at least 4 times an hour!)

Overall a really useful box for helping to prepare for birth and baby, especially for those like me who need an energy boost this month! I’m kind of sad there are only two more boxes to go, however that does mean that it’s almost time for a baby!

To find out more about Project B, or to subscribe yourself or for a friend click here to visit their website, and follow them on facebook and twitterfor updates and special offers.

I am lucky enough to be reviewing a Project B box each month throughout my pregnancy in order to give an honest review.

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