So most people have been consuming pancakes in large amounts over the last week, but here in this house it’s been waffles! Sweet ones, savoury ones, ones with bananas and others with just plain old sugar and lemon… with the addition of our newest kitchen gadget the Waffle Maker from Domu making waffles is actually even easier than making pancakes!

The Vonshef Waffle Maker is simple to use, plug in and it starts to heat up, and when it’s hot enough to use the green light comes on! Pour in your waffle mix, shut the lid and wait for them to cook! This bit takes a bit of trial and error and can change depending on the recipe you use but generally 3 -6 minutes will do nicely!

Once you’ve popped your waffles out (using a plastic fork or tongs) then you just unplug the waffle maker, wait for it to cool down and give the plates a wipe over and that’s it (or make another batch!)

Here’s the recipe that works best for us for lightly sweetened waffles:

  • 250g plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking powder
  • 20g Caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon table Salt
  • 475ml Milk
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 30ml Vegetable oil

Plonk all your dry ingredients into a mixing bowl, then crack your eggs into the milk and beat lightly. Then add the egg/milk mixture and the oil, Β making sure to get all the batter off the sides of the bowl. Don’t beat too much otherwise the waffles will be a bit stodgy (I learnt this from experience!) and a wooden spoon will do the job better than a proper food mixer I’ve found!


  • You don’t need to cool the batter before using, I tried a couple of times and it made no difference!
  • Don’t over fill the waffle maker, it will spit hot batter out of the sides!
  • You can pop unused batter in the fridge for up to 2 days, perfect for adding different flavours to later on
  • Cooked waffles can be frozen and reheated in the toaster once defrosted!

Flavour ideas:

Try adding cocoa powder, cinnamon or ginger to your waffles for a different flavour. You can of course make savoury waffles, and add various things in like grated cheese or chopped ham and herbs. There are hundreds of recipes on the internet for you to have a play with, but I found that adding a small bowl of grated cheese and some pepper into the above recipe, and taking out the sugar worked really well!



You can buy the waffle maker via Amazon here (on sale for an amazing Β£22.99 instead of Β£64.99!) and if this post has got your taste buds watering then you might want to enter my competition to win a waffle maker of your very own! [sorry – ended now!]



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