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Last week I had some GOOD burgers in Brighton. On Thursday night I had dinner with my friend Nick at the New Club (at the bottom of Preston Street) I’d heard rave reviews when it opened but then forgot all about it. I also wasn’t sure if it was baby friendly but it was (even a changing table in the loos) so we spent a lovely couple of hours there. I had a Dirty Burger which was amazing, here’s the menu description “35-day beef + hickory smoked onion/bacon relish + Monterey Jack + sliced pickle house sauce + shredded cabbage & romaine in a housemade brioche bun” and it cost £10 and came with fries. The patty was cooked medium rare and the bun was fresh and light. We asked for sauces and they came out in little shot glasses. Service was attentive but not in your face, which is rare these days!

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For pudding I had the ‘Soft peanut butter cookie sandwich + vanilla frozen custard + salted caramel sauce’ which cost £6.50 which I thought was a little bit steep, but the glass it came was stuffed full and it was possibly the sweetest, gooiest, most delicious pudding I’ve had since I had three plates of pudding from the buffet on my honeymoon. Nick had the triple layered choc ice, which amazingly he couldn’t finish, so I got to. It was three layers of various chocolatey goodness, crispy at the bottom. We had tea and coffee afterwards, and the milk for my tea came in a minute milk bottle, very cute. I’d definitely go back, and it’s made the shortlist for my birthday meal options in January. The cocktail menu looked varied too, so next time i’m out without the baby I’ll have to try one (or more!)

6 thoughts on “Recent Eats: The New Club

  1. I am totally regretting not getting puds when I went there! I’ve been twice now, and both times got the Dirty Burger. I personally found this burger to be better than the ones Joe, and I had at MEATliqor. x

  2. I have been there twice now, was blown away the first time but not so much the second. That pudding that you had was THE ONE though <3

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