Recharge your batteries with a holiday abroad this winter

It’s safe to say this year hasn’t been the best, with the rise in energy prices to the unfortunate death of Her Majesty the Queen and the ongoing war in Ukraine looming large over everything. With so much sorrow, surely, it’s time to take a well-deserved break and book yourself a relaxing holiday this winter.

But booking a holiday over the winter months isn’t as straightforward as booking a summer holiday, which we are all more familiar with. So, what destinations might you want to consider for your winter or autumn getaway?

City breaks

Do you want to take in some of Europe’s finest cities? If you’re looking for a city break to watch the turning leaves, consider Paris or Portugal. If you want to go that little bit further for a long-haul break, meanwhile, consider Mexico, Vermont or Morocco. If you’re a fan of Christmas markets, the winter season also boasts some of the largest and most elaborate Christmas markets in the world in European cities like Brussels and Frankfurt. Best of all, you’ll find that flights are surprisingly affordable around this time of year.

Winter cruise

Book yourself a cruise, with beautiful views, daily entertainment, and delicious food. Where can you go wrong? The UK is lucky enough to have the port of Southampton, which is one of the most famous ports in the world for cruise ships. Cruises from Southampton leave every day, even during the winter months and they depart for all kinds of exotic locations. Do you fancy adventuring through the Norwegian Fjords or braving the Bay of Biscay and seeing the best of what the Mediterranean has to offer? Or perhaps you want to travel from Southampton to New York and see in the new year in the greatest city on earth? It’s all there to take if you choose a cruise.


Who doesn’t love Disney? While it didn’t get off to the best start, Disneyland Paris has grown into one of Europe’s top tourist attractions and it just seems to get better every year. While it’s certainly not a cheap holiday, you can save a little extra by staying off-site and getting the train in. In fact, the resort has its very own train station with the entrance right between the parks and the nightlife district called “Disney Village.”

Winter sun

Whether you’re jetting off to the Canary Islands or going even further afield to Australia or Thailand, not everywhere in the world is going to be cold this winter. Indeed, you might find that places you’ve always wanted to visit, like Dubai, for example, are far more palatable in the winter months. Even in certain parts of Europe, meanwhile, there are warmer climates to enjoy in October and November. Croatia, for example, is temperate throughout the year, as are certain parts of Italy.

collaborative post. Image from Unsplash.